Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Site

One of the first things to plan for your wedding is where your ceremony will take place. This is the most important part of your planning because there are many issues to consider. The site you select will be influenced by the following;

  • Budget – Typically, the average ceremony site will cost between $100-$1000. The entire cost of the ceremony, inluding site fee, officiant’s fee and gratuity, and accessories (guest book, pen, ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket) is 5% of your overall budget.
  • Wedding Formality – Will your event be an informal garden style ceremony or will it be an evening elaborate event?
  • Season – Will you be married in warmer months or colder months? Does it rain, or snow or is it pleasant and warm this time of year? This will determine whether you can have an outdoor or indoor wedding.
  • Number of guests – It goes without saying that you will need a site that is large enough for everyone to be comfortable but make sure it is not too large. A large space with few guests will not feel as intimate as a space that is smaller.
  • Religion – Can you be married at a church or temple if you do not share the same religion? Could you be married somewhere else that will not offend your family and friends if you do not share the same religion?
  • Location – Will you marry close to home or do you want a destination wedding?

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