Top 10 Contemporary Wedding Invitations

These invitations combine elegance with contemporary design for a unique look. Check out my favorite 10 contemporary wedding invitations. For more wedding invitations, search our page by clicking here.

  1. borders.jpg Borders in Turquoise is a fun, contemporary invitation with your verse surrounded by a turquoise border. This invitation costs $176.90 for 100.
  2. tux.gif Tux and Gown has a black and white lazer cut tux and gown featured on the front of this gate fold invitation. This invitations costs
  3. orchard.gif In the Orchard has a leaf and stem motif in orange, tangerine and mango. This unusual invitation costs $208.00 for 100.
  4. stand.gif Stand Out is a brightly patterned invitation that speaks for itself. the background comes in several different colors including Brick, Caribbean, Grape and Water. This invitation costs $172.00 for 100.
  5. sandal.jpg sandal-2.jpg Island Adventure is a sweet sandal shaped invitation with a subtle tropical floral theme. Each invitation is accented with your choice of ribbon color. This invitation is great for a destination wedding and costs $500.00 for 100.
  6. contempo.gif Contempo combines a black wrap with an invitation in the one of the following colors Cotton Candy, Celadon, Freesia, Sea or Palm for a dramatic appearance. This invitation costs $305.00 for 100.
  7. modern.jpg A Modern Marriage features a modern bride and groom in its design. Both of your names are also printed on the side of the invitation. This invitation costs $144.90 for 100.
  8. daisy.gif Of Simple Charm is a z fold invitation and has a pearlized daisy on the front. This simple invitation costs $136.90 for 100.
  9. amour.gif Mon Amour is a Parisian themed invitation with an Eiffel Tower cut out. Your invitation wording is featured inside this signle fold invitation. Invitations cost $340.00 for 100.
  10. paisely.gif Paisley Perfection is a teal and chocolate paisley themed invitation that really makes an impression. Invitations cost $265.00 for 100.

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