What Are Wedding Invitation Seals For?

Ok, you’re shopping for wedding invitations and you see at the bottom of your screen some other recommended products that you can buy. One of them is of course an invitation seal and you are thinking what is it for? Wedding invitation seals have several purposes.

The first purpose being to help you ensure your invitation makes it through the mail to your guests. We all love to get mail, (I think no one loves to get mail more than my husband who looks for it on Sundays), but everyone gets annoyed when an envelope arrives and it has been damaged and there is nothing in it. Wedding invitations run the risk of being damaged and losing their contents because they can come in unusual sizes and be bulky. Remember, you are sending a lot of important personal information when you mail an invitation and you want it to get to your guests. Invitation seals help to keep your envelopes sealed with all of your information inside of them.

Seals also serve a decorative purpose as well. If you have a very plain invitation, you can add some interest using invitation seals. These seals can be added onto an invitation or used on the envelope. Seals come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are also inexpensive. So if you can’t afford that great invitation like this one.


You can create a similar effect with a less expensive invitation and an embossed seal like these.

border.gif seal.jpg

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