Perfect Wedding Reception Center Pieces

Here are some of my tips for beautiful wedding reception center pieces.

Keep it to scale by looking at the size of the table and chairs. For a smaller table, put together a smaller centerpiece so that your guests have room for their plates, silverware and glasses. But don’t be afraid to use height to get a fuller look. If the table is larger, a larger centerpiece or a group of smaller pieces is a better choice.

Choose something that makes sense with the reception site. An outdoor reception in the heat will not be a great place for flowers not in water.

Keep to your theme, but you can always incorporate something unusual as well. So if you have a beach theme, you can always use shells and sand but spice it up with other beach themed decor as well. Sea gulls, row boats, sand buckets and shovels are great too. Don’t be afraid to keep looking if you can’t find what you’re after right away.

Don’t be afraid to use color. With Spring already here and Summer just around the corner, color is definitely in. You can make a statement by using colors to your greatest advantage. Take a look at a color wheel and find out what is attractive to you. If you like sunny yellow, try adding a touch of purple as well. These colors offset each other because they are complimentary instead of being analogous. For more tips on color choices and to see some different color wheels, click here.

And as always, go with your gut. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

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