Wedding Gift Thank You Notes

Writing a thank you note to your family and friends after your wedding has been a tradition for most brides for a long time. However, it can be hard and difficult to do. When you open your gifts, make sure you keep a list of what you received from whom. This will help you later to personalize your thank you notes by writing in how much you liked the gift. Also, its sweet to keep this list with your wedding scrap book.Another addition to your thank you notes is to send everyone your address and telephone number. Lots of brides and grooms get asked at the reception where they will be living. By adding this to your thank you notes, you can make sure everyone will have this information and be able to keep in touch.A way to cut down the time in writing your thank you notes, is to have a preprinted verse thanking your guests for attending. Choose something simple that will leave you some space to personalize your notes.Try to send your notes out to all of your guests as soon as possible. Its not necessary to send them on your way to your honeymoon but try to get them all out within a month of your wedding.If you are looking for some examples of thank you notes check out the ones below.thanks.gifA Feathered Edge is what makes this thank you note so special. The cost is $78.90 for 100 notes. This thank you note features the verse #16:One thank you for the gift.And another for the thought.A dozen thank yous couldn’t tell youall the happiness they brought.heart.jpgSilver Hearts are the featured design on this bright white thank you note. These notes cost $62.90 for 100. Try a verse like #11 below to give you space for a few personalized words:Thank you for enrichingour happinesswith your lovely wedding gift.

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