Why Choose LunarInk.com Wedding Invitations?

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Hi, I’m Samantha the chief editor for LunarInk.com.  Welcome to my wedding blog.  When I was getting married, my soon to be grandmother-in-law a Carlson Craft Invitations dealer.  She introduced me to the wealth of invitations available in her catalog and I was impressed.  I ordered my invitations and was so happy with them that when she retired as a retailer, I took over for her.

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I believe in helping brides and grooms find the perfect reflection of themselves in their stationary. Wedding stationary sets the stage of your wedding for guests by reflecting your theme and style.  It is the first and last impression your guests with have of you both.  So while most brides and grooms do not have an unlimited budget, its our goal at LunarInk.com to help you make the right impression.  We do not sacrifice quality for the sake of budget.  Your money can go farther with our invitations.

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Many “budget” invitations offered by other sites sacrifice the quality of their paper and make you do the printing to save you money.  The result is less than stellar; basically, an invitation that looks like it was printed from an inkjet or laser printer.  At LunarInk.com, we use high quality paper for all our invitations.  We also use thermography (raised print) to print your invitations.  However for the DIYers, you can print your own invitations on our quality paper by purchasing one of our DIY invitation kits.  Most of our invitations can be shipped to you in 24-48 hours and we also print in multiple languages.  If you have any other questions, visit our FAQs page or contact a representative.  So give us a try by ordering a sample invitation, you will be able to see and feel the quality we offer.

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