Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 3): Printing Process

The third part of my Wedding Invitations 101 will focus on various printing processes used to make invitations.  If you are interested in examples of these printing processes, a sample invitation can be ordered.  Many of the different processes are not easily distinguishable by picture but by feel.  So I encourage you to check out several different types before you decide.  Samples can be ordered by clicking on each image and then clicking on “request sample” at the top of the webpage.   Please post any questions or comments below.

letterpress black and white wedding invitation

This style of printing uses a reversed raised surface that is inked and then pressed to paper.   The result is a right reading image.


thermograpy printed wedding invitation

This type of printing is created by adding a resin powder to wet ink, which when heated, creates a raised surface.

Glaze Printing

glaze printing wedding invitation

A coating is added to create a sheen and texture in the printing process.

Foil Stamping

foil stamped wedding invitaiton

This effect is achieved when colored foil is hot-stamped onto paper or accessory items, such as napkins.

Thank you to Carlson Craft for their assistance in explaining some of their printing processes.  Thank you also to Wikipedia for their explanation of the process for Letterpress invitations.  If you are interested in a more technical explanation of this process click here.

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