5 Chocolate Brown Wedding Invitations

The newest wedding color combination to make a splash is chocolate brown and vibrant purple.  Let your imagination soar with these 5 favorite chocolate brown wedding invitations and your choice of ink colors including purple.  Check out these invitations out today!


Your guests will feel the calming beauty of nature when they recieve this lovely invitation. The nature-inspired design adds to the elegance of this ensemble. $198.00 for 100 wedding invitations.

chocolate floral wedding invitation
Naturally Wedding Invitations

Shimmer on Mocha

This elegant mocha and ecru invitation features a mocha base card with a regal design. An ecru wrap features your wording in the ink and lettering style of your choice and ties to the base card with a mocha ribbon.  $519.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Letterpress chocolate wedding invitation
Shimmer on Mocha Wedding Invitations

Extravagant Espresso

Show off to your guests with this extravagant wrapped invitation! An espresso wrap with a round cut-out highlights an elegant ecru invitation.  $279.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Extravagant Espresso Wedding Invitation

Romantic Leaves

This top-fold mocha invitation wrap with an ecru card invitation is perfect for an autumn wedding. A laser-cut of leaves and delicate swirls grace the cover. $274.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Brown leaf wedding invitation
Romantic Leaves Wedding Invitations

Espresso Flourish

This soft white insert card is printd on paper that is Green Seal Certified, made with 100% post-consumer fibers and created without the use of chlorine compounds. This item’s paper manufacturer uses a significant amount of renewable energy resources and responsible forest management practices. The mocha wrap features a flourish design.  $245.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

elegant chocolate wedding invitation
Espresso Flourish Wedding Invitation

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