The Hot Wedding Invitation Colors for This Week.

Want to know what other brides are planning for their wedding invitations?  Here is the ranking from for the ten hottest invitation colors.  Which one will you choose?


10. White is one of the most traditional wedding invitation colors. Create a contemporary look with these styling tips:

Go for bold ink colors

Add a contemporary artistic design

Look for textured paper

Try unusual paper shapes

Look for Seal n’ Send or Sep n’ Send style invitations

Kiwi wedding invitation

“Ampersand Design – Kiwi” is a McPhersons wedding invitation from the Value With Love Album.  100 invitations start at 151.90.


9.  Silver  wedding invitations are a glittery color for all seasons.  I love seeing this color paired with black and white for winter and with any color for Spring, Summer and Fall.

silver floral wedding invitation

“T 634WA” is a Birchcraft Studios wedding invitation. 100 wedding invitations start at $187.43.


8.  Red is the color of love and is always a popular color for wedding invitations.  Mix this invitation color up with an unexpected detail to make your invitations look contemporary and fresh.

red natural fiber wedding invitation

“Suggled In – Red” is from McPhersons’ Naturally Ever After wedding invitation album. 100 wedding invitations start at $399.90.


7.  Peach or blush wedding invitations are becoming more popular this Spring.  But this color is not the pale color of your aunt’s wedding design.  This peach has a more vibrant tone and compliments Spring and Summer weddings best.

peach wedding invitation

“T 3519” is a Birchcraft Studios wedding invitation featuring a peach cut out daisy.  100 wedding invitations start at $112.43.


6.  Navy wedding invitation are a trend that is also coming back.  Use navy as your main or accent color to add a richness to a plain white invitation.  This color is always a classic!

navy ribbon wedding invitation

“T1999LT” is a Birchcraft Studios wedding invitation. I chose the navy ribbon for this post but other colors are available. 100 wedding invitations start at $179.93.


5.  Gold is a fabulous wedding invitation color for Fall and Winter wedding events.  This color conveys a glitzy and glamorous atmosphere for your wedding.

gold asian wedding invitation

“Bliss” is a Carlson Craft Internet Exclusive wedding invitation. Find this wedding invitation only online at Carlson Craft dealer websites like 100 wedding invitations start at $295.00.


4.  Teal wedding invitations are a new take on the sky blue or robin egg blue wedding invitations popular a couple years ago.  This more greenish blue is a fresh update and is soothing.  Chose teal to convey a relaxing wedding atmosphere.

coral and teal wedding invitation

“Colorful Coral” is from McPhersons Naturally Ever After Album. 100 wedding invitations start at $185.90.


3.  Black wedding invitations are the color for a truly formal affair.  Add some spice to yours by adding an accent color in your wording or design details.

black Jean M wedding invitation

“Tied Together Forever” is from Carlson Craft’s Jean M Album. 100 wedding invitation start at $289.80.


2.  Fuchsia and other shades of pink continue to be hot colors for wedding invitations.  Change your invitation up with by opting for a bold contemporary look instead of a floral print.

pink wedding invitation

“Rio” is an Internet Exclusive wedding invitation ensemble from Carlson Craft. 100 wedding invitations with response set, reception card, inner envelopes and return address printed out envelopes start at $240.90.


1.  The hottest color every bride wants for their wedding invitations is purple.  So how do you make your wedding invitation stand out from everyone else’s, customize it with us!  Email with your requirements and we can send you a free quote for a completely customized wedding invitation.

purple wedding invitation

“Painted Flowers” from Carlson Craft’s Wedding Collection Album. 100 invitations start at $205.90.

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