Most Popular Wedding Invitation Color Schemes For 2014

About your wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations are a very important part of your wedding planning.  Besides providing your guests with your details, they also convey your style and mood.  Its natural that there are certain color schemes that are in high demand.  Here are the most popular color schemes at so far this year.

Most popular wedding invitation colors are:

1.  Purple Wedding Invitations

Purple is still the most popular color choice for wedding invitations.  Pantone’s color of the year is “Radiant Orchid 18-3224” a bold shade of purple with pink undertones.  Many couples are choosing to pair a soft pastel shade with a vivid bright shade like purple for a more modern twist. Below is an example:

Artistry wedding invitation from Carlson Craft

Artistry Wedding Invitation

Artistry is a true work of art!  This invitation features a bold purple water color flower.  I chose to complement this look with the wording in a pastel sage green ink.  100 wedding invitations with colored ink start at $192.75.


Color Block Round double sided wedding invitation

Color Block – Wedding Invitation – Watermelon

A round, white wedding invitation displays bold blocks of color on both sides.  Your wedding wording and names can be printed in white or orchid ink on this unusual wedding invitation.  100 wedding invitations start at $173.92


Rapunzel wedding invitation

Romantic Imagination Wedding Invitation – Rapunzel

This wedding invitation is inspired by Disney’s princess Rapunzel.  Gold and purple swirls, shimmering white paper and an organza inner envelope – it’s like this amazingly beautiful wedding invitation was taken straight from Rapunzel’s imagination!  100 wedding invitations start at $399.90, (sorry, no discounts are available.)


2.  Clear Wedding Invitations

Clear wedding invitation are a new trend that has gained popularity over the last two years.  Currently, I only offer this type of wedding invitation from Carlson Craft but there is a great amount of variation in the designs.  Most invitations are printed on paper adhered to a thin sheet of acetate “paper” with a design printed on it.  However, some invitations are printed directly onto an acrylic sheet itself.  Below you can view both styles.


Clearly Sterling Wedding Invitation in White

This wedding invitation features a clear base card with a white invitation card on top.  The base card is printed in white with a stylish Moroccan design.  While the invitation card is personalized with your wording.  Multiple base card and invitation card color options are available.  100 wedding invitations start at $262.42.

clear wedding invitation with deco design


Clearly Marvelous – Acrylic Invitation with Envelope

An acrylic invitation is etched with your wedding details and is enclosed in a double envelope for mailing.  The design and verse of the invitation cannot be changed due to the etching process.  Choose from multiple different color enclosure cards for an additional price.  108 acrylic invitations (no enclosure cards) start at $1057.42.

Discount Clear acrylic wedding invitation


3.  Pink Wedding Invitations

Pink wedding invitations are very much on trend.  Whether you choose a light blush pink or a vibrant fuchsia, this color is very versatile and pairs well with any other color.  Below are two different pink wedding invitations.

This pastel pink shimmer invitation is a true work of art with its combination of whimsical typography and a detailed frame showcasing your personalization.  Choose from ink or foil (shown below) printing in a variety of colors to make this invitation uniquely yours.  100 wedding invitations start at $119.92.

Light pink shimmer wedding invitation

Perfect Wrap Invitation – Fuchsia Shimmer

A simple fuchsia shimmer wedding invitation card is enclosed in a white shimmer embossed wrap.  Tie your look together with your choice of available ribbon colors and ink.  Gray ribbon  with black ink is shown below for a crisp style.  100 wedding invitations start at $220.43

Fuchsia Pink and white wedding invitation


A few final notes:

  • Prices quoted are current as of the publication date of this article and reflect the 25% discount offered at if available.  Pricing can change at any time and for any reason.
  • All featured invitations are available to order as of the publication date but future guarantee of the invitation’s availability cannot be made as styles change.
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