Best Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Why is the appearance of your wedding invitations important?

Everyone’s wedding is on a budget and wedding invitations are often the most overlooked and under budgeted part of wedding planning.  Many brides choose to go for a less flashy, budget conscious wedding invitation.  After all, your guests just need the details on paper right?  Wrong!  Your wedding invitation conveys so much more than the who, what, where, and when of your wedding:

  • Your wedding invitations let your guests know that they are still considered a part of your family as you and your partner are joining together and that you value them.
  •  Your wedding invitations indicate what kind of wedding your guests can expect.  Is this black tie, informal or somewhere in between?
  • Your wedding invitations also convey your personality and sense of style as a couple.
  • Last, yes your wedding invitations do convey your wedding details as well.  Couples often choose to use their wedding invitations as the vehicle for extra information like where to stay and how to get to each part of the day.

So how can you stay on budget,  yet still have a beautiful wedding invitation that can do all of that?  Wedding invitation embellishments are small inexpensive add ons that enhance the look of your wedding invitations.  Here are 5 wedding invitation embellishments that can transform a dull invitation and keep your budget on track!

Wedding Invitation Embellishments

 The Simple White Wedding Invitation

Below, is a 5″ x 7″ white wedding invitation with a traditional verse and two fonts.  The ink color is black so that any color embellishment can be used.  As you can see, I have left room in the middle of the invitation for embellishments to be placed.  This is not the only place where embellishments can be added, it is just the place that was chosen for this article.

Simple White wedding invitation

In each section, I will show some different ways to embellish this invitation to create multiple different styles.  If you have questions about ways to style an invitation after it is created, please ask me.  I am always willing to help my clients even if not all the items are purchased from me.

Rhinestone and Pearl Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Rhinestones and pearls are a simple addition for your wedding invitations.  They can easily  adhere to any part of your wedding invitation where you want to add a little sparkle and shine.  You can use single rhinestones or a combination of colors, sizes and shapes to create a design.  Here I have added three rhinestones the same size (4mm) and color.

Rhinestone simple wedding invitation

Wrap and Overlay Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Wraps are generally sheets of paper that surround a wedding invitation entirely and when opened reveal your invitation suite inside.  Wraps are usually paper that is easily folded to obscure the wedding invitation inside.  The paper can be simple card stock or specialty papers.  The wrap can be embellished with any item mentioned in this article and many others.  Below is a wrap made of pink and purple painted coffee filters and embellished with twine!

coffee filter paper wrap wedding invitation opened coffee filter paper wrap invitation

Overlays are single sheets of paper that are placed over top of your invitation and the rest of the invitation suite is placed on top of it.  Vellum is often used for overlays but organza and other light weight fabrics will also work.  The idea is that the overlay should be see through enough to give a hint of the invitation below.  Here, an overlay of green, light weight fabric transforms the simple white wedding invitation.

Green fabric overlay wedding invitation

Charm Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Charms can be added to your wedding invitation as a simple embellishment and even a keepsake for your guests.  Look for bulk charms that convey your wedding theme and attach them simply to your wedding invitation.   Ribbons, wire or any thin wrapping media will work to keep the focus on the charm.  Alternatively, you can glue  your charm on with glue dots or double sided tape.  Below is a double heart charm glued simply to the white wedding invitation.

Double Heart Charm wedding invitation


Ribbon Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Ribbon is a chic and easy way to dress up an invitation.  Play with how you tie the ribbon to create unique effects.  Also, many different wrapping media can be used.  Try yarn, string, twine, or wire to create your unique wedding invitation.  Below I used “Premier Yarns’ Starry Night” gold to copper ombre yarn.  This yarn is extremely wide like ribbon but it comes in large quantities of 60 yards (unlike many ribbons). Most often, this yarn is used for fashion knitted products.  Thinking of alternative “ribbons” can also save you money too!  (I only paid $2.44 for this yarn on sale at Meijers)

Ombre Ribbon wedding invitation

Paper Band Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Paper bands (also referred to as belly bands) are strips of decorative paper that wrap around your wedding invitation suite.  These are becoming a popular alternative to wraps since they cost less money and achieve a similar effect.  These bands can be plain, textured, printed, layered and more to create a fantastic look for your wedding invitations.  Below is a medium pink linen textured band giving a great boost of color and style to the simple white wedding invitation.

Belly band wedding invitation


Want to know more?

If you would like more information about any of the above wedding invitation embellishments and how to purchase them, leave me a comment with your needs for pricing and more.  Thanks and Cheers!

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