Top 5 Traditional Tropical Themed Wedding Invitations

Tropical Wedding Invitations


Tropical themed wedding invitations are very popular for weddings.  While Lunar Ink was on vacation, I was inspired by the sights, people and trends of the Caribbean.   Most couples think of beaches, shells, starfish and palm trees as their theme but the Caribbean is so much more!

This article will be in two parts.  Below, I reviewed the top 5 wedding invitations with traditional tropical themes; beaches, shells, palm trees, and starfish.  All of the wedding invitations in this article show their themes in an updated and contemporary style.  My second article will be on original tropical themes for wedding invitations and will be published later.

I hope you are inspired by these wedding invitations.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.


holographic starfish wedding invitation

I love lenticular or holographic images because of the craft involved in changing from one image to another.  Two separate starfish become joined as one when the images change on the base card of this wedding invitation.  Priced at $390.68 for 100 invitations, includes: printed invitation card, 7″ x 7″ base card, glue dots, blank double ecru envelopes and our 25% discount.

Carlson Craft KEN22442

2. Endless Sea Wedding Invitation

Square and rectangular wedding invitations are a multi – generational staple.  With mass produced die cutting becoming less expensive, new shapes abound for wedding invitations.  Three round cards with a beautiful beach and your wording make up this wedding invitation.  The largest card is 5 3/4″ x 5 3/4″.  The price of $359.18 for 100 invitations includes: three round printed cards, pre-cut white ribbon, blank single white envelopes and our 25% discount.


Carlson Craft TWSN33564C

3.  Palm Paradise – Layered Wedding Invitation

Design your own unique wedding invitation by selecting font, ink and paper colors.  A palm tree and your monogram are placed at the top of this wedding invitation.  Choose your own wedding colors for the design and wording on the invitation card.  White, ecru and shimmer papers are available to further customize the invitation card.  Then choose a colored backer card for a further pop of color!  Priced at $189.00 for 100 wedding invitations includes: a flat printed invitation top layer, blank bottom layer, blank single outer envelopes, 4 glue dots per invitation and our 25% off discount.


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Faded gray shells and words of love surround your wedding wording.  A white 5 1/8″ x 7 1/4″ card gives this wedding invitation a simple contemporary look.   I suggest using dark inks (like the teal and cobalt blue above) because the faded gray design can wash out your words.  The price of $94.43 for 100 includes: printed wedding invitations, blank double bright white envelopes and our 25% off discount.  Click here to order or find more information.


Carlson Craft AA19795GZ

5.  Starfish Wedding Invitation

I love this wedding invitation because of its successful marriage of orange and lagoon blue.  Typically these colors would never go together.  By incorporating shades of champagne browns, the color “clash” is diffused.  The square shape of the wedding invitation on heavy white paper adds a sophistication to the contemporary starfish design.  Priced well at $126.68 for 100 invitations, the following are included: printed invitation card on 115lb glazed paper,  blank double square envelopes and our 25% discount.


Thanks for reading this article and stay up to date by getting my RSS feed.  My next article will feature 5 more tropical wedding invitations with original themes.



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