Neutral wedding invitations: 2016 newest trend

Why are neutral wedding invitations popular?

Neutral wedding invitations, (brown, kraft or ecru), are the new trend for weddings in 2016. Neutral wedding invitations combine well with any design theme from boho and country to chic formal affairs. Neutral colors help to avoid a color clash by mixing well with bold or pastel color palettes. Below are some examples of neutral wedding invitations that have updated looks for 2016.

Ecru neutral wedding invitations

The neutral wedding invitation color of ecru is similar to unbleached linen. This light paper color has a warm undertone.  This neutral wedding invitation color pairs nicely with any color palette. To avoid a traditional look, choose updated features.  Features  like bold colored ink, multiple printing techniques and cool treatments update your neutral wedding invitations.

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“To the side” features a top layer card mounted to the right side of the bottom layer card.

To the Side – Wedding Invitation – Ecru Shimmer

This neutral wedding invitation may look traditional but it has some great updated features.  Heavy weight paper, layering and layer placement makes this neutral wedding invitation look new. The upper ecru shimmer paper layer is placed off center, on the right hand side. The combination of two heavy weight paper layers makes this neutral wedding invitation feel rich and luxurious!


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“In Stitches” has your choice of thread color and pattern stiched on your wedding invitation card!

In Stitches – Wedding Invitation – Ecru

“In Stitches” updates the country themed neutral wedding invitation with a unique paper treatment. A pattern is stitched through the middle of this invitation! This is a great way to incorporate needle work into your country themed neutral wedding invitations. A lacy floral design is printed on both sides of this neutral wedding invitation.


Kraft Paper Neutral Wedding Invitations

Kraft paper revolutionized the wedding industry a few years ago.  Now kraft paper seems to be everywhere.  Accessorizing kraft paper neutral wedding invitations is the best way to update this trend.  Add die cutting or new material layers to your neutral wedding invitations.  Use foil or bold color inks to stand out.


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Vintage design and a cork medallion layer combine on this kraft paper wedding invitation.

Fine Vintage – Wedding Invitation

A vintage design is accented by a cork medallion layer on kraft paper.  The cork medallion is printed with your names and wedding date.  This extra layer adds charm to the neutral wedding invitations design. Dark or bold color ink is suggested with this wedding invitation.


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Thermography and foil printing update this kraft paper wedding invitation.

Acorn Wreath – Invitation

Gold foil adds shine to the oak leaf and acorn design on this kraft paper neutral wedding invitations.  A second printing technique  called thermography is use to print your wording.  Choose a fun font to update this whimsical wedding invitation.

Brown neutral wedding invitations

Brown neutral wedding invitations used to only come in “mocha” colored paper.  Now, brown neutral wedding invitations come in a variety of tones from “Tumbleweed” to “Raw Umber.”  Get some color inspiration by looking at a pantone color fan.  The variety of brown colors in use for neutral wedding invitations is the new trend.

dark woodgrain wedding invitation, dark brown woodgrain wedding invitation, neutral wedding invitation
The deep shade of brown and wood grain design reinvent this brown wedding invitation.

Rustic Woodgrain – Invitation
The dark brown shading on this wood grain neutral wedding invitation is a trendy update. White is the only available ink color for this invitation.   However, it looks beautiful against the dark wood grain design.


leather wedding invitation, country leather wedding invitation, neutral wedding invitation
The flourish design and shading on this neutral wedding invitation resembles leather.

Tooled Tiers Invitation

This 3 piece, double sided neutral wedding invitation is a work of art!  Each piece is printed with a flourish and tooled leather design that is incredibly realistic.  This neutral wedding invitation’s tawny brown is an updated look for brown wedding invitations.

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