Make a recycled crayon craft: how to make a shaped crayon

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Make a recycled crayon craft

I have a million old, used crayons in my house.  As a parent, you likely have the same problem.  Your old crayons are half used, broken and made by many different brands.  What do you do with all these crayons?  Try this recycled crayon craft instead of throwing them away!

How to make a shaped crayon


Old crayons with labels peeled off and cut into smaller pieces, metal cookie cutters of various shapes, foil, cookie sheet with edges, hot pads (heat protection for your hands)


I begin by peeling as many crayons as I can.  You can use many different colors and even different brands.  I break the crayons into small half inch pieces.  Then, I preheat my oven, grill or a toaster oven to 250 F.  (I suggest having lots of ventilation if you are working indoors.  It is best to do this craft outdoors due to the waxy smell.)

Next, select the metal cookie cutters you like best.  I choose shapes based on the time of year.  For example, hearts for Valentine’s Day and rabbits and carrots for Spring.  On each cookie cutter, wrap a single piece of foil around the bottom and outsides.  You must fold the foil to conform to the cookie cutter shape.  Leave the top open to fill with crayon pieces.  I fold the foil very carefully.  If a hole is made in the foil, the crayon wax will leak out.  Place your foil wrapped cookie cutters on a foil lined cookie sheet.  The foil and the cookie sheet will protect your appliance from any drips.  Make sure foil covers up the sides of your cookie sheet as well.

star shaped crayon project
Prevent crayon drips like these with foil!

Add the pieces of your old crayons to each cookie cutter.  Now, heat everything for about 5-10 minutes.  Check your crayons often to make sure the wax is heated through.  Once all the wax is heated, removed the cookie sheet from the heat and allow everything to cool.  Do not touch the cookie sheet or the cookie cutters with your unprotected hands!  All the metal parts, foil and wax will be hot.  When everything is cool and the wax is solid, you can unmold the new crayons!

cookie cutter reused crayon project
Here’s a look at a finished star shaped recycled crayon.

Cookie cutter flower molded crayon project
This unmolded recycled crayon is ready for Spring time coloring projects!

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