Wedding Invitation Printing Terms Glossary

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms Glossary

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms

Are you lost amongst the Wedding Invitation Printing Terms? Here are the explanations you need!  This short glossary will help you find your wedding invitation.  You will learn about printing techniques and see examples.  At the end, you will understand the Wedding Invitation Printing Terms used in product descriptions.

white embossed wedding invitation, wedding invitation term, bling embossing, what is blind embossing?
Blind embossing is used to print in the filigree design.


Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Blind Embossing

Blind Embossing is when an image is pressed into paper.  The resulting design is raised.  This embossing style is termed “blind” because no ink or foil highlights the design.

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Wedding initiation term, What is Debossing?, Romantic thank you note, romantic thank you card
A swirl and star design is debossed on this thank you note.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Debossing

Debossing is when an image is pressed into paper.  The image appears pressed into the paper.  No ink or foil is used to highlight this design either.

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Infinite Beauty - Invitation
The wedding invitation’s wrap has a beautiful die cut design.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Die-Cutting

Die-Cutting uses sharp metal rules to cut out shapes from paper.  Die cutting can be a design or wording.  The end result should be the removal of paper using a metal die.

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wedding invitation term, embossed wedding invitation,
The silver ink on the vines defines the embossed area.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Embossing

Embossing uses ink or foil on the raised area to highlight the design.  This is similar to blind embossing.

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engraved wedding invitation, wedding invitation term, engraving, what is engraving?
The wording is engraved on this simple wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Engraving

Engraving is a printing process  involving a metal die.  The lettering is cut below the surface of a metal die. The die is inked and wiped clean.   Ink is only left in the impression  of the die. Next, paper is then laid on the die.  The press forces the paper into the impression and the ink is transferred to the paper. When you view the back of the paper you will see a “bruise.”

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engraved drinking jar, engraved mason jar with handle, personalized mason jars
These drinking jars have been etched with a monogram.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Etching

Etching is cutting into a glass surface.  This can be performed mechanically or chemically.  The result is a change to the surface of the glass.  You can both see and feel this change.

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geometric wedding invitation, What is foil stamping?, gold foil wedding invitation., not too girly wedding invitation
The angled stripes and wording are foil stamped on this wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Foil Stamping

Foil stamping involves using heat to stamp a special foil onto paper.  This process can be used for designs , wording , or both.  Items like wedding invitations, Christmas cards or napkins can be foil stamped.

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What does a pearlized wedding invitation look like?, What is pearlizing?, Wedding Invitation Printing Terms
The lacy swirls on this wedding invitation are pearlized.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Pearlizing

Pearlizing is the process that applies luminous pearl-like finish to an invitation.  The pearl finish is usually clear unlike foil.   Many times is will highlight an embossed design.

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Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Thermography

Thermography is a type of printing that uses wet ink.  A  resin powder is added to the wet ink.  Then heat is applied to create a raised surface.  This process can be used  for wording and designs.  The raised ink is difficult to view on a screen. Order a sample invitation to see and feel thermography.

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Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is a process where images are set into a printing press and inked.  Paper is placed on the inked areas.  Next, pressure is applied to the paper.  The inked images are now printed.  The images are seen by the ink on top of the depressed design.

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These are all of the Wedding Invitation Printing Terms used to create products at  If you have a question about any of the terms, please comment below.  For more information on the invitations shown, click on their link.  Samples of each item can obtained for a fee.  Always get a sample of the product you wish to order.  You will better understand the Wedding Invitation Printing Terms used to describe it.

Steps for Successfully Ordering Your Wedding Invitations

Organization is the key to planning a successful wedding. Choosing a theme, brides maids, and the type of service are all crucial decisions for you special day and to have your day run as smooth as possible is important so all can enjoy the event with you. Let’s not forget the important steps that need to be taken before, during, and after you order your invitations. Your invitations are a reflection of your style, as well as convey important information that your guests need to know to attend and celebrate your wedding. Browse card stores and on-line invitation sites to find the various choices that reflect you and your partner’s style. Ink colors, fonts and designs really set the tone of how you want your wedding day to be. Following these important steps will help this process be foolproof.

Finalize Your Numbers: Make sure you get a final count from your parents and your soon to be in-laws. Don’t forget to include the people in your wedding party as well. Even though they may know all the details, they may want to make a remembrance gift with it. Add your friends as well.
Extra: With your final count on hand you will want to add 25 extra invitations to your count. It never fails that you will forget someone or someone you thought would not dream of coming, tells you they’re looking forward to your day.
Proof Reading: Make sure your invitation contains the correct time, place and date of the ceremony including addresses and zip codes. This will make it easier for your guests to use their GPS or computer mapping program. Double check the spelling and capitals, too!
Details: Choose your ink color or colors. You can mix and match most invitations to have 1 to 2 different colors of ink. This is also true for your lettering. Black ink is more traditional for wedding invitations.  You can make your invitation more unique by choosing a colored ink.
Read the Small Print: Make sure you read all the descriptions and narratives of the invitation of your choice. Some invitations include embellishments that you may or may not have to attach yourself as well as additional reception and response cards and envelopes.
Did you order everything? These are the essentials that you must have to include in your wedding invitation packet.

  • Invitation
  • Outer envelopes
  • Reception Cards
  • Response Cards
  • Response Envelopes

You may also want:

  • Kwikseal self-sealing adhesive on your outer envelopes
  • Your return address printed on the outer envelopes
  • Envelope Seals
  • Thank you notes and envelopes
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Save-the-Dates postcards, magnets, or cards with envelopes
  • Bookmark Favors
  • Napkins or Guest Towels
  • Matches
  • Personalized Favor Ribbons
  • Place Cards
  • Cake or Cupcake Boxes
  • Favor Boxes
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts
  • Bridal, Reception and Ceremony Accessories

Last, but not least: Re-check all spelling and dates before you submit the order!

Have fun and be creative!  The day is yours!  Enjoy the process; it’s once in a life time.

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