This Week's Hot Wedding Invitation Colors

This Week's Hot Wedding Invitation Colors

Want to know what other brides are planning for their wedding invitations?  Here is the ranking from for the ten hottest invitation colors.  Which one will you choose?

10.  Red –  “Red” wedding invitation from McPhersons. 100 invitations start at $104.18.

red wedding invitation


9.  Silver – “Silver Foliage” wedding invitation from Carlson Craft.  100 invitations start at $194.93.

silver floral wedding invitation

8.  Orange – “Starburst Orange and White Pocket with Fuchsia Backer” wedding invitation from Carlson Craft. 100 invitations start at $285.00.

orange pocket wedding invitation

7.  Green – “T 1256” wedding invitation by Birchcraft Studios. 100 invitations start at $108.68.

green leaf wedding invitation

6.  Black – “Pretty Little Corners” wedding invitation by Carlson Craft. 100 invitations start at $206.18.

black wildflower design wedding invitation

5.  Gold – “Gold Shimmer Square Invitation” from McPhersons. 100 wedding invitations start at $129.68.

golden wedding invitation

4.  White – “Multiple Borders – Bright White” wedding invitation by Carlson Craft.  100 invitations start at $247.43

simple white wedding invitation

3.  Pink – “Cherry Blossom” wedding invitations from McPhersons.  100 invitations start at $120.68.

pink cherry wedding invitation

2.  Blue – “Blue Dandelions” wedding invitation from Carlson Craft.  100 wedding invitations start at $109.43.

dandelion wedding invitation

1.  Purple – “Contempo Royal” wedding invitation from Carlson Craft.  100 wedding invitations start at $215.00.

purple and gray wedding invitation

The Hot Wedding Invitation Colors for This Week.

The Hot Wedding Invitation Colors for This Week.

Want to know what other brides are planning for their wedding invitations?  Here is the ranking from for the ten hottest invitation colors.  Which one will you choose?


10. White is one of the most traditional wedding invitation colors. Create a contemporary look with these styling tips:

Go for bold ink colors

Add a contemporary artistic design

Look for textured paper

Try unusual paper shapes

Look for Seal n’ Send or Sep n’ Send style invitations

Kiwi wedding invitation

“Ampersand Design – Kiwi” is a McPhersons wedding invitation from the Value With Love Album.  100 invitations start at 151.90.


9.  Silver  wedding invitations are a glittery color for all seasons.  I love seeing this color paired with black and white for winter and with any color for Spring, Summer and Fall.

silver floral wedding invitation

“T 634WA” is a Birchcraft Studios wedding invitation. 100 wedding invitations start at $187.43.


8.  Red is the color of love and is always a popular color for wedding invitations.  Mix this invitation color up with an unexpected detail to make your invitations look contemporary and fresh.

red natural fiber wedding invitation

“Suggled In – Red” is from McPhersons’ Naturally Ever After wedding invitation album. 100 wedding invitations start at $399.90.


7.  Peach or blush wedding invitations are becoming more popular this Spring.  But this color is not the pale color of your aunt’s wedding design.  This peach has a more vibrant tone and compliments Spring and Summer weddings best.

peach wedding invitation

“T 3519” is a Birchcraft Studios wedding invitation featuring a peach cut out daisy.  100 wedding invitations start at $112.43.


6.  Navy wedding invitation are a trend that is also coming back.  Use navy as your main or accent color to add a richness to a plain white invitation.  This color is always a classic!

navy ribbon wedding invitation

“T1999LT” is a Birchcraft Studios wedding invitation. I chose the navy ribbon for this post but other colors are available. 100 wedding invitations start at $179.93.


5.  Gold is a fabulous wedding invitation color for Fall and Winter wedding events.  This color conveys a glitzy and glamorous atmosphere for your wedding.

gold asian wedding invitation

“Bliss” is a Carlson Craft Internet Exclusive wedding invitation. Find this wedding invitation only online at Carlson Craft dealer websites like 100 wedding invitations start at $295.00.


4.  Teal wedding invitations are a new take on the sky blue or robin egg blue wedding invitations popular a couple years ago.  This more greenish blue is a fresh update and is soothing.  Chose teal to convey a relaxing wedding atmosphere.

coral and teal wedding invitation

“Colorful Coral” is from McPhersons Naturally Ever After Album. 100 wedding invitations start at $185.90.


3.  Black wedding invitations are the color for a truly formal affair.  Add some spice to yours by adding an accent color in your wording or design details.

black Jean M wedding invitation

“Tied Together Forever” is from Carlson Craft’s Jean M Album. 100 wedding invitation start at $289.80.


2.  Fuchsia and other shades of pink continue to be hot colors for wedding invitations.  Change your invitation up with by opting for a bold contemporary look instead of a floral print.

pink wedding invitation

“Rio” is an Internet Exclusive wedding invitation ensemble from Carlson Craft. 100 wedding invitations with response set, reception card, inner envelopes and return address printed out envelopes start at $240.90.


1.  The hottest color every bride wants for their wedding invitations is purple.  So how do you make your wedding invitation stand out from everyone else’s, customize it with us!  Email with your requirements and we can send you a free quote for a completely customized wedding invitation.

purple wedding invitation

“Painted Flowers” from Carlson Craft’s Wedding Collection Album. 100 invitations start at $205.90.

Top 10 Gold Wedding Invitations

Top 10 Gold Wedding Invitations

Here are my top 10 choices for gold wedding invitations for Autumn, Winter and Early Spring weddings.  Wedding themes for these seasons can be inspired by nature, culture or  have fun elements of style.  But the wedding invitation should not be bogged down by large overall floral motifs.  This can make for a heavy feeling wedding invitation especially with metallic gold as the chief color.  So keep it light and fun with these gold wedding invitations.


McPherson’s Silver Beginnings Album

Embossed Border Golden Invitation

Embossed Border Golden Invitation

This simple yet sophisticated non-folding invitation on rich gold paper features an embossed border and your choice of motif below wording. Dark inks display your wording best for this invitation.  Size: 5″ x 8 1/2″

100 wedding invitations start at $147.67 which includes our 25% discount.


 Carlson Craft’s Simple but Elegant Album


Gold Carlson Craft Wedding invitation

An embossed flourish and a pretty ribbon are the perfect embellishments! The embossed, gold shimmer wrap surrounds an ecru card printed with your wording. Tie with a pre-cut, taupe satin ribbon.  Size: 5″ x 8 1/2″

100 wedding invitations start at $294.00 which includes our 25% discount.  Price includes printed insert card, shimmer wrap, pre-cut taupe ribbon and blank double ecru envelopes.


 Carlson Craft Candlelight Collection Album

Golden Circles

gold wedding invitation

Take your guests back with this updated retro design! Bright gold circles are featured at the top and bottom of this wedding invitation.  A simple and beautiful statement for your wedding!  Size: 5″ x 8 1/2″

100 wedding invitations start at $147.67 which includes our 25% discount.


 Carlson Craft’s Blue Album

Embossed Vines on Gold Shimmer

gold wedding invitation

Perfect for an elegant autumn, winter or spring wedding.  This gold shimmer invitation adds a touch of class to your gala! Sweeping embossed vines and gold accent leaves separate your names and event date from the invitation copy. Display your wording best with dark ink colors.  Size: 5 1/2″ x 7 3/4″

100 wedding invitations start at $146.92 which includes our 25% discount.


 McPhersons Value with Love Album

Gold Branches & Birds Design Shimmering Invitation

gold wedding invitation

This beautiful card wedding invitation features a branch and bird design with gold accents on shimmering paper.  Add a short quotation of your choice at the top of the invitation above your wording.  Size: 5″ x 8 1/2″

100 wedding invitations start at $134.92 which includes our 25% discount.


McPhersons Affordably Inviting Album

Snowflakes Shimmering Gold Sep-n-Send

gold wedding invitation

Celebrate your love and the season with our snowflakes design on this economical shimmering gold sep-n-send. Design will be printed in the same ink color as your wording. Our price includes a perforated 3 piece ensemble of invitation, respond card, reception card, inner and outer envelopes and printed respond envelopes. Optional return address printing in available on your outer envelopes but is not included in the price.  Invitation Panel Size: 5 1/8″ x 7 1/8″.

100 wedding invitations start at $154.42 which includes our 25% discount.

 Birchcraft Studios

T 511LT with Brilliant Gold Ribbon

ecru wedding invitation with gold ribbon

The hearts of this ecru invitation are embossed pearls surrounded by brilliant gold foil. You can choose from multiple ribbon colors.  For this post we chose the stunning brilliant gold satin ribbon which is included with this ecru invitation.

100 wedding invitations start $166.36 which includes our 25% discount.


McPhersons Paper Duvet! Album

“Gold & Water” wedding invitation

gold pocket wedding invitation

A tea length pocket of gold paper features a circle frame to display your choice of design or single initial monogram printed on the water blue card inside. Invitation envelopes are water. Reception cards are navy. Informals and respond cards are water with water envelopes. Reception and respond cards also have a design selection to match up with the invitation! Respond and reception cards are non-folding.  Size: 4″ x 9 1/4″

100 wedding invitations start $255.00 which includes our 25% discount.


Birchcraft Studios

T1512V wedding invitation

gold wedding invitation

Your names are featured at the top of an ecru wedding invitation card. A brilliant gold foil band is etched with an intricate filigree design and  separates your names from your invitation text.  Choose a colored ink to add a pretty touch.  Size: 5 1/2 x 7 3/4

100 wedding invitations start at $128.86 which includes our 25% discount.


 Carlson Craft’s The Flower Wedding Line Album

Enchanting Hearts of Gold

gold heart wedding invitation

An ecru, tea-length card features an enchanting swirl design with two gold foil hearts at the center. Golden foil hearts are embossed with a lovely vine design.  size: 9 1/4″ x 4″

100 wedding invitations start at $127.35which includes our 25% discount.



If you would like to get a free estimate for any of our invitations, contact with the name or item number of the invitation, the number you would like to order and if you would like reception or response sets.  All invitations have samples available for purchase.  Please email for help in ordering and for all questions.

Like us on Facebook to see our current deals in addition to our 25% discount.

All prices mentioned are good for 30 days from the publication of this post.




Celebrating Your Wedding with Tradition and Fun

Celebrating Your Wedding with Tradition and Fun

I am one of those type of people who enjoy celebrating  traditions and also enjoy discovering the etiology behind it.  I have always been interested in history and styles that are associated with it.  This is also true as I think about wedding traditions.  Why do we throw rice at the bride and groom as they exit the church, or toss the bride’s garter and bouquet at the wedding reception?  Well, being the inquisitive person that I am, I did a little homework to sooth my curiosity and to share my pearls of wisdom with you.  Along with answering the question “why”, I also added some ideas for you to add to your celebration so you can continue with these traditions while creating your own.  Happy Wedding Planning!!!

The Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle came about in the last century.  Not tied to any particular religion, the Catholic Church neither condones nor prohibits, but wants it done in a particular way.  Some prefer the joining of sand which is nice for extended family.

Custom Sand Ceremony Set   by Carlson Craft

Small Cylinder, Blank  $9.90 each.

Large Cylinder, Personalized $27.90 each

Small Cylinder , Personalized $15.90 each.

Sand is not included.

Monogram Unity Candle – Round  

Ivory Round Monogram Unity Candle Personalized $48.90 each.

Ivory Tapers  Blank $9.90 for a pair.

White Round Monogram Unity Candle Personalized $48.90 each.

White Tapers $9.90 for a pair.

Candle holders are not included.

Throwing Rice and Birdseed or Blowing Bubbles

Throwing rice at the newly married couple is a very old tradition that may date back to ancient Rome or Egypt and represents good luck, fertility and abundance.  The throwing of food represents the hope of good crops and prosperity along with the expansion of a family.  Americans have thrown rice, birdseed and more recently blow bubbles at the bride and groom at the conclusion of the ceremony.  All are acceptable and contrary to popular beliefs, rice does not expand in the birds’ stomachs.

Favor Box

Colored Favor Boxes

Colors include: Mocha, Navy, Black, Ivory , Olive, Silver, White, Yellow, Claret, Orange, Blush, Fuchsia, Grass Green, Royal Blue, Palm (aqua) blue, Grapevine purple, and Black and White Damask.  The white, silver and ivory boxes have a shimmer finish; other colors have a matte finish. Personalization can be done in foil only and includes many choices.  Damask boxes can not be personalized. The boxes measure 2″ x 2″ x 2″.

$21.90 for 25 Blank boxes.

$39.90 for 25 Personalized boxes.

Tent Favor Boxes

Colors include: Black, Fuchsia, Palm and Grapevine.  Pre-cut 5/8″ white satin ribbon included. Box measures 3″ x 3 3/4″ x 1 1/2″. This item is not available personalized.  $18.90 for 25.

Toasting at the Reception

According to stories, the word toast is derived from putting spiced toast to flavor the drink at hand when giving well wishes to a person or thing.  The first toast is given by the bride’s father (or representative) and then by the best man.  What type of glass you choose is dependent of what you want to serve.  Etched champagne flutes and engraved silver wine goblets with the monogram of the bride and groom for the head table is a celebratory tradition.

“Mr.” and “Mrs.” Wine Glasses  

Personalized $55.90.

Blank $43.90.

Champagne Toasting Glasses

Personalized $41.90.

Blank $29.90.

Crystal Bead Flutes

Personalized $53.90.

Blank $41.90.

The Wedding Cake

The tradition of the wedding cake at the reception stems from giving a gift to the guests of the bride and groom.  Legend has it those that took a piece home with them and placed the cake under their pillow would dream of their future spouses.  After the cake is cut and shared between the bride, groom and guests, left over cake can be wrapped and special napkins for guests should be available to take home and have “sweet dreams”.

OOH LA COLOR Napkins – White with Photo

White Beverage with Photo $42.90 for 50.

White Luncheon with Photo $44.90 for 50.

 Throwing the Garter

Throwing of the garter actually comes from a wedding ritual of throwing the stockings of the bride and groom from the foot of their bridal bed.  The guests are assembled at the foot of the bed and take turns tossing the stockings backwards.  The woman who is able to land the groom’s stocking on his head will be married within the next 12 months!  Sounds a little like throwing the bouquet! Eventually stockings led to the garter which functions to hold up stockings which only the bride wore. The garter also can be tied into the tradition of “something blue”.

Glitz and Glam Garters 

Colors include: Aqua, Red, and Mocha.  $14.90 each.

Colorful Ribbon and Lace Garters

Colors include: White, Ivory,  Black, Platinum, Espresso, Merlot, Red, Fuchsia, Spice, Lime, Aqua, Royal Blue,  Midnight, Sapphire, Light Blue, Jade Blue, Grape, Amethyst. $6.90 each.



Get Away Weddings for Winter

Get Away Weddings for Winter

Winter is the perfect time to get away for that destination wedding.  Getting married on the beach overlooking the water in your bare feet may be just the ticket! (no pun intended.)  If your goal is to have a small and intimate ceremony, a destination wedding is one way of doing that.  Incorporating an extended family vacation with your destination wedding is another way of making your special day into a special week-long celebration.  Where you choose to go can set the tone for the theme of your wedding.  Have you ever dreamed of having a fun and a little bit crazy wedding in a themed chapel in Las Vegas? How about the city of romance and lights; Paris, France?  And if the bare feet and sand between your toes sounds more your style; the Caribbean and Mexico with the ocean breeze sounds breath-taking!  Here are some ideas to get you started with invitations. Please note that prices are listed per 100invitations but can be purchased in a smaller or larger quantity.

With the look of an antique treasure map, this ecru invitation gives your destination wedding added allure.  The invitation features a short-fold design with your names revealed below.  The map of your choice is printed on the front and your wording is inside.

Carlson Craft wedding invitation Coastal Maps

Coastal Maps by Carlson Craft $139.90 per 100.

This unique invitation is perfect for any destination! A pretty satin, claret red ribbon attaches the perforated airplane to the bright white tag invitation. The respond card is in the shape of a ticket, all other enclosures will be a bright white card.

Airplane Ride by Carlson Craft $285.00 per 100.


When the choice of wedding invitations is at stake, play your cards right and choose this fun bright white card. The King and Queen of Hearts are foil stamped in red and black.

T1848 from Birchcraft $142.43 per 100.


The pearl foil stamped beach and palm tree lends a romantic feel to your happy news with heart-shaped waves lapping on the beach.


T1819  (on-line only) by Birchcraft  $127.43 per 100


“Mon Amour” means “My Love.”  Send your guests to Paris, France with this sweetly romantic French-themed invitation.  An Eiffel Tower cut-out shows through to the inside of the invitation where your wording is displayed.

Mon Amour

Mon Amour by Carlson Craft $340.00 per 100

Red Hot Invitations for Winter

Red Hot Invitations for Winter

Red has long been associated with love and affection.  Throughout history the rose and the valentine took on the color red to entice the feelings of romance and passion. What better way to express your love and devotion than through your wedding invitation.  Even though winter is cold; red is “HOT” for the season.  White and red compliments each other with accents of black and even green if your celebration is around the holiday season. Here are some ideas that I have, but explore for other ideas too!


This unique one page invitation set with silver ink really gives a holiday or Valentine’s Day wedding some sparkle.  The edging on this invitation also gives it the something special look!

Claret Deckle Edge Invitation $162.90 per 100


This uniquely folded invitation has the regal touch for your special day.  This elegant  invitation wrapped with colored and blind embossing in black ink gives your day that stylish touch.

Regal Red by Carlson Craft  $245.90 per 100


This pretty floral design wraps around the card with a unique folded style.  Various fonts and ink can add a romantic touch to your day.

Wrapped in Flowers by Carlson Craft $285.00 per 100


This gate folded design with a red ribbon from Birchcraft Studios gives that elegant appeal with the combination of red and black.

T9449LT  $224.93 per 100


This beautiful design for a winter wonderland wedding is perfect for your special day.  Printed in different shades of red ink will also add a flair for the holiday season.

Snowflake in Pearl  $162.90 per 100