Top 5 Original Tropical Themed Wedding invitations

Top 5 Original Tropical Themed Wedding invitations

Original Tropical Themed Wedding Invitations


Tropical themed weddings are very popular but how do you make your tropical themed wedding invitations original?  No one wants to have their wedding look the same as everyone else’s.  In this article, are some original wedding themes and wedding invitations to inspire your wedding day.


Wedding Theme: Waves

If you love the beach theme idea for your wedding invitations but want an original twist, then focus on the waves!  Waves are a meaningful metaphor for marriage because of their constant motion but fluid adaptability.  No matter your style, this theme can fit your tropical wedding.

Waves – Invitation

I love this wedding invitation because of the combination of a geometric design with a wave theme.  The front side of the wedding invitation has an ombre wave pattern with your wedding wording.  On the back side, geometric waves dance. Choose from ecru or white glazed papers, ink colors, font style and wording.  The price of $134.18 for 100 invitations includes: front and back printed wedding invitation, blank double jumbo envelopes, and my 25% discount.

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Wedding Theme: Tropical Animals

The Caribbean is a known haven for many unique animals.  Birds, fish, and monkeys are a great source of inspiration for your wedding theme.  Join together your chosen animal(s) and its habitat to create an elegant and original conservation theme.

Glorious Birds Wedding Invitation

I love the elegant and stylized swirl of feathery designs with the tropical bird.  This wedding invitation is about an elegant design, color and your wedding wording.  Choose your paper color, white, white shimmer, ecru or ecru shimmer, to complement your ink colors.  The price is $126.68 for 100 invitations.  The cost includes:  100 white, 5 1/8″ x 7 1/4″ sized printed invitations, blank double jumbo envelopes and my 25% off discount.

swirl bird wedding invitation

Wedding Theme: Maps

If marriage is your destination, then a map themed wedding will help you get there!  Maps have guided explorers for centuries through the Caribbean and make an original theme for  your wedding day.  Whether you choose an old world or contemporary style, your guests will love seeing you begin your adventure together.

Come to the Bahamas Wedding Invitation

A triple folded ecru wedding invitation shows an antique style map of the Bahama Islands on it.  The cunning folding opens to reveal your wedding wording inside.  The color of the map design will match your wedding wording.  I suggest using dark inks for clarity and maximum effect. The cost of 100 invitations is $104.93 and includes: 5″ x 6 5/8″ folded size, printed invitations, blank double envelopes and my 25% off discount.

Map wedding invitation


Wedding Theme: Spanish Architecture

In many Caribbean countries, there is a strong Spanish influence.  It is most evident in the architecture of the older part of cities like San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Cobble stone streets, building arches and mosaic tiled water fountains are just a few places for inspiration.  Look for bright colors, different textures and don’t be afraid to mix and match designs!

Bright and Beautiful Pocket Wedding Invitation

I love how this pocket invitation mimics the mosaic tile patterns seen in Caribbean fountains.  An unassuming pocket opens to reveal your wedding wording framed by a brightly colored design on a white card.  Reception, Response and Accommodation cards show different mosaic designs along the top, (not included in price).  Customize this invitation with your choice of navy shimmer, raisin , fuchsia shimmer, marina or black shimmer colored pocket.  Costing $171.23 for 100 wedding invitations, this includes:  blank pockets, printed invitation cards, glue dots, tissues, blank single white envelopes and my 25% off discount.

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Path to Romance Wedding Invitation – White

I love the trendy geometric cobble stone path design on this simple white wedding invitation.  The double sided printing adds a contemporary style.  Choose your own ink colors, wording and font to customize your wedding invitation.  Several paper textures are available in white including smooth, heavy weight smooth, textured, and shimmer.  The cost of 100 wedding invitations starts at $116.18 and includes: 7 1/4″ x 5 1/8″ flat printed invitations on smooth white paper, blank inner and outer envelopes and my 25% off discount.

Cobblestone wedding invitation

Thanks for reading this second article in my series on Tropical wedding invitations.  To view more information about each invitation, click on the photo of the invitation.  To view my previous blog article on Tropical wedding invitations, click here. Stay up to date by getting my RSS feed or like me on Facebook by clicking here.  Contact me with any questions you may have concerning these or toehr wedding invitations.


Posh Purple Wedding Invitations and Accessories For Fall & Winter

Posh Purple Wedding Invitations and Accessories For Fall & Winter

Eggplant Weddings


If you are getting married this Fall or Winter, its time to shop for your wedding invitations, reception and ceremony accessories.  Purple is still one of the most requested colors at Lunar Ink.  One of my clients had a lot of trouble finding eggplant or dark purple invitations she liked.  To help make these items easier to find, here are my favorite purple wedding invitations and accessories.


Eggplant Save the date cards

Many couples get engaged and have a long engagement.  Once a couple selects their date, they send save the date cards.  These two eggplant save the date cards are featured because they have lots of photos.  This is a great way to tell a story about you as a couple.

NBP9502I9VRN Save the Date

“Storybook of Love” Carlson Craft Save the Date Invitation in Raisin. Pricing starts at $129.18 for 100 save the date cards with plain envelopes.

MRP42W2A Save the date card

 “Through the Years” Carlson Craft Save the Date Card. Pricing starts at $140.18 for 100 save the date cards.

Eggplant Wedding Invitations

I love the rich dark hue of eggplant colored paper.  When paired with bright inks or light colored paper, a decisive contrast is clear.  The following three wedding invitations are perfect pairings of light and dark purple.

simple eggplant wedding invitation

Spectacular Soirée” Carlson Craft Wedding Invitation in Raisin Textured paper.  Pricing starts at $131.18 for 100 invitation cards with unprinted envelopes.


lace scroll design wedding invitation

“Fancy Detail” Carlson Craft Wedding Invitation.  Pricing starts at $220.43 for 100 white shimmer invitation cards, 100 laser cut textured eggplant base cards and unprinted envelopes.


Dark Purple wedding invitation

“Raisin Flourish” Carlson Craft Wedding Invitation.  Pricing starts at $262.50 and includes: 100 printed invitation cards, 100 pocket wraps, 100 printed bands, glue dots and blank ecru outer envelopes.


 Ceremony and Reception Accessories

Carry your eggplant color scheme through your ceremony and reception decor, accessories and favors.  These final ceremony and reception items show eggplant and dark purple at their best.

Eggplant ceremony candle

“Floral Fantasy Bridal Collection” in Eggplant from Carlson Craft. 1 set starts at $91.43 and includes: flower basket, petite ring pillow, blank guest book, pen set, unity candle, and garter set.


dark purple favor box

“Raisin Two-Piece Favor Box” with matte finish from Carlson Craft.  Pricing starts at $119.70 for 100 personalized box tops and 100 unprinted box bottoms.


purple favor boxes

“Floral Favor Boxes” from Carlson Craft featuring ivory and black boxes with an eggplant flap.  Pricing starts at $56.70 for 100 favor boxes and 100 lengths of black precut ribbon.  Personalization is not available.


Best Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Why is the appearance of your wedding invitations important?

Everyone’s wedding is on a budget and wedding invitations are often the most overlooked and under budgeted part of wedding planning.  Many brides choose to go for a less flashy, budget conscious wedding invitation.  After all, your guests just need the details on paper right?  Wrong!  Your wedding invitation conveys so much more than the who, what, where, and when of your wedding:

  • Your wedding invitations let your guests know that they are still considered a part of your family as you and your partner are joining together and that you value them.
  •  Your wedding invitations indicate what kind of wedding your guests can expect.  Is this black tie, informal or somewhere in between?
  • Your wedding invitations also convey your personality and sense of style as a couple.
  • Last, yes your wedding invitations do convey your wedding details as well.  Couples often choose to use their wedding invitations as the vehicle for extra information like where to stay and how to get to each part of the day.

So how can you stay on budget,  yet still have a beautiful wedding invitation that can do all of that?  Wedding invitation embellishments are small inexpensive add ons that enhance the look of your wedding invitations.  Here are 5 wedding invitation embellishments that can transform a dull invitation and keep your budget on track!

Wedding Invitation Embellishments

 The Simple White Wedding Invitation

Below, is a 5″ x 7″ white wedding invitation with a traditional verse and two fonts.  The ink color is black so that any color embellishment can be used.  As you can see, I have left room in the middle of the invitation for embellishments to be placed.  This is not the only place where embellishments can be added, it is just the place that was chosen for this article.

Simple White wedding invitation

In each section, I will show some different ways to embellish this invitation to create multiple different styles.  If you have questions about ways to style an invitation after it is created, please ask me.  I am always willing to help my clients even if not all the items are purchased from me.

Rhinestone and Pearl Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Rhinestones and pearls are a simple addition for your wedding invitations.  They can easily  adhere to any part of your wedding invitation where you want to add a little sparkle and shine.  You can use single rhinestones or a combination of colors, sizes and shapes to create a design.  Here I have added three rhinestones the same size (4mm) and color.

Rhinestone simple wedding invitation

Wrap and Overlay Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Wraps are generally sheets of paper that surround a wedding invitation entirely and when opened reveal your invitation suite inside.  Wraps are usually paper that is easily folded to obscure the wedding invitation inside.  The paper can be simple card stock or specialty papers.  The wrap can be embellished with any item mentioned in this article and many others.  Below is a wrap made of pink and purple painted coffee filters and embellished with twine!

coffee filter paper wrap wedding invitation opened coffee filter paper wrap invitation

Overlays are single sheets of paper that are placed over top of your invitation and the rest of the invitation suite is placed on top of it.  Vellum is often used for overlays but organza and other light weight fabrics will also work.  The idea is that the overlay should be see through enough to give a hint of the invitation below.  Here, an overlay of green, light weight fabric transforms the simple white wedding invitation.

Green fabric overlay wedding invitation

Charm Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Charms can be added to your wedding invitation as a simple embellishment and even a keepsake for your guests.  Look for bulk charms that convey your wedding theme and attach them simply to your wedding invitation.   Ribbons, wire or any thin wrapping media will work to keep the focus on the charm.  Alternatively, you can glue  your charm on with glue dots or double sided tape.  Below is a double heart charm glued simply to the white wedding invitation.

Double Heart Charm wedding invitation


Ribbon Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Ribbon is a chic and easy way to dress up an invitation.  Play with how you tie the ribbon to create unique effects.  Also, many different wrapping media can be used.  Try yarn, string, twine, or wire to create your unique wedding invitation.  Below I used “Premier Yarns’ Starry Night” gold to copper ombre yarn.  This yarn is extremely wide like ribbon but it comes in large quantities of 60 yards (unlike many ribbons). Most often, this yarn is used for fashion knitted products.  Thinking of alternative “ribbons” can also save you money too!  (I only paid $2.44 for this yarn on sale at Meijers)

Ombre Ribbon wedding invitation

Paper Band Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Paper bands (also referred to as belly bands) are strips of decorative paper that wrap around your wedding invitation suite.  These are becoming a popular alternative to wraps since they cost less money and achieve a similar effect.  These bands can be plain, textured, printed, layered and more to create a fantastic look for your wedding invitations.  Below is a medium pink linen textured band giving a great boost of color and style to the simple white wedding invitation.

Belly band wedding invitation


Want to know more?

If you would like more information about any of the above wedding invitation embellishments and how to purchase them, leave me a comment with your needs for pricing and more.  Thanks and Cheers!

Top 5 Embossed Wedding Invitations

Top 5 Embossed Wedding Invitations

Embossed wedding invitations add both texture and beauty to your wedding.  Here are my top five favorite embossed wedding invitations.


Deep floral embossing is the main feature of this bright white gate fold wedding invitation.   Great for a garden style wedding, you can choose one of our ribbon colors to tie this wedding invitation closed.   T1999 with navy (midnight) colored ribbon shown below. 100 invitations for $179.93!

Embossed floral wedding invitation



The classic silver foil stamping on this invitation is exquisite! The center elements are embossed to look like rhinestones.  Perfect for a glam wedding theme.  T9742 wedding invitation shown below. 100 invitations start at $134.93.

Glam silver wedding invitation


Embossed Sheer Wrap Wedding Invitation With Fuchsia Shimmer Invite Card

A sheer embossed wrap encloses a fuchsia pink shimmer wedding invitation card. Your guests will be surprised by the simple elegance of this wedding invitation.  Multiple other card colors are available.  Click here to view!  Choose this wedding invitation for a shabby chic or vintage style wedding.  Embossed Sheer Invitation – Fuchsia Shimmer shown below with black ink.  100 invitations start at $217.42!

Sheer Wrap wedding invitation


T 710LT

An embossed and foiled buckle is  featured on a bright white z-fold wedding invitation.  Choose from multiple ribbon colors to complete your wedding invitation!  This wedding invitation complements any wedding theme with its simple monogram and rhinestone-like buckle.  T710LT (T710PU) is shown below with purple ribbon and purple ink.  100 invitations start at $187.43

T710 LT with purple ribbon wedding invitation



Embellished Wedding Invitation

An embossed flourish on a gold shimmer wrap surrounds an ecru wedding invitation card inside.  A pretty taupe satin ribbon is the perfect embellishment!  Pick this wedding invitation for a formal black tie wedding theme.  Embellished – Invitation with mocha brown ink is shown below.  100 invitations start at $291.75.

gold embossed pocket wedding invitation

A few final notes:

  • Prices quoted are current as of the publication date of this article and reflect the 25% discount offered at  Pricing can change at any time and for any reason.
  • All featured invitations are available to order as of the publication date but future guarantee of the invitation’s availability cannot be made as styles change.
  • Please email for any invitation inquiries or to get a free quote.
  • Samples may be ordered by clicking on the invitation and clicking on the “buy it now” button.  You will be taken to the ordering information page and can select to order a sample.
  • To place an order, please follow the same instructions for the sample and select all options you wish to receive.
  • Like our Facebook page (click here) and you can see all monthly offers and monthly promotions available for our featured invitations.  There is lots of additional information, pictures and short articles on invitations as well.
  • Invitations T1999LTT 710LT, and T9742 are from Birchcraft Studios.
  • Invitations Embossed Sheer Wrap Wedding Invitation With Fuchsia Shimmer Invite Card and Embellished Wedding Invitation are from Carlson Craft.



Cheers and Best Wishes!


How to Get Rid of Wedding Stress

Getting married can be stressful.  So take some time to de-stress with some light hearted wedding fun.  I found some great websites that offer free dress up games.  So  sit down and try different gowns, veils, shoes, and jewelry on your online doll.  One of these sites even has a Twilight version for Bella and Edward.  So have a little fun making your bride look silly or pretty or whatever!  Her fiancee will always tell her she looks great.

Wedding Ceremony Aisle Runners

Wedding Ceremony Aisle Runners

Don’t forget to order your aisle runners for your wedding ceremony.  We have 4 great options for your church, synagogue, or the great outdoors!  Aisle runners are a must if your flower girl is tossing petals or if you are having an event outdoors.  Aisle runners will help protect carpet floors from flower petal stains as they are being crushed by you and your guests during your ceremony.  Also if your wedding is outside, you can protect and keep the hem of your dress white by walking down an aisle runner.  This can help save you money later when you have your dress cleaned and stored.  So order your favorite today and make a splash with your walk down the aisle!

floral aisle runner

Floral Aisle Runner measures 36″ x 100.’  $47.90 each.

ivory floral aisle runner

Ivory Floral Aisle Runner measures 36″ x 100.’  $44.90 each.

white floral aisle runner

White Floral Aisle Runner measures 36″ x 100.’  $44.90 each.

monogramed aisle runner

Custom Aisle Runner

This white aisle runner is printed with your first names, last name and last name initial in your choice of ink color. Please specify first names, last name, last name initial and ink color. The runner is made of sturdy plastic and measures 36″ x 100′.  $150.90 each.

Where to buy your Wedding Invitations

Where to buy your Wedding Invitations

fuchsia and orange wedding invitation

Are you still trying to find your perfect wedding invitations for the best price?  Then try us at!  We offer great service, 24hr/7 day a week convenient shopping and gorgeous wedding invitations.  You never have to wait for a sale or buy in a hurry.  Our invitations are always 25% off.  So take your time, ask questions and find your perfect wedding invitations.  We are here to help you, just ask Maribel one of our recent brides.

“Samantha I have received my invitations and they are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for making this process run so smoothly! I will remember you guys for the future and recommend you to my family and friends.”  -Maribel

So check us out today and find your perfect wedding invitation!

magnet wedding invitation

Wedding Trends – Fallen Leaves Guest Book

Wedding Trends – Fallen Leaves Guest Book

leaf tags

We’re always looking for the newest trends for your wedding day.  So why not get inspired by the Fall trees and make your guest book with these leaf shaped tags.  Brides have been creating family trees by having their guests complete their name, wishes and even adding a thumb print to these multicolored leaves.  Then they are attached with ribbon to a branch making a family tree guest book!  This is a unique way to have your guests participate in your festivities.

maple leaf favor tags

Wedding Invitation Etiquette (addressing your envelopes)

When you are addressing your wedding invitations there are some simple rules to follow.  Whether your wedding is formal or casual, you will want to address your invitations properly.  Not only are you inviting your own family and friends but those of your finance(e).  Sometimes you may not even know them well due to distance or other reasons.  So its important to address your invitations properly.  After all, your wedding invitation is the first impression you make on your guests as a couple.  So don’t start things off with your new in-laws by making a mistake.

When you are addressing your envelopes, its fun to get your mother and future mother in-law together with you and your finance(e).  This gives both Moms the chance to meet if they haven’t and they can help you make sure everyone’s name, address and title are correct.  Make a little party out of it and relax with each other while you stuff your envelopes and get them ready to send off.  The chance to get everyone together informally  is well worth it and both moms will feel like they had a hand in helping with your wedding.

First, before you get started give everyone a job in stuffing the envelopes.  Find out who has the best handwriting among all of you.  Many people think its ok to send their invitations by using address labels.  Using address labels is so informal that it can cheapen the look of your invitation.  Even if you aren’t sending a formal invitation and have chosen something more contemporary, do hand address your invitations.  Your guests will notice that you took the time to send each one specifically to them.  Sometimes its the little things that make the greatest effect!

Get started with your envelopes by getting the inner and outer envelopes sorted out.  Your outer envelopes are where your return address is printed usually on the back flap.  On the front, you will write your guests title, given name and surname.  The address is written next.  Write out the full address without using abbreviations such as rural route or post office box.  For example, here is what the outer envelope will look like for a married couple:

Mr. and Mrs. John Public

58 North Main Street

Springfield, Ohio


If you would like your envelopes to have an even more formal look, write out the house numbers under one hundred.  You may also include middle names for formal invitations.

On your inner envelopes, you will address them slightly less formally.  Only the names of your guests are necessary.  For close family, you can address them with nicknames like “Grandpa.”  For other guests, refer to the table below.  Make sure to name everyone who is invited including children and guests.  If children and guests are not included then omit their names.  If a single friend of yours is allowed to bring a guest, write the guest’s name especially if they have been together for a long time.  Otherwise, you will have to write “and Guest.”

The following table shows how to address your envelopes for each of your guests.  This table can also be found on page 150 of Wedding Invitations by Jennifer Cegielski.  I recommend getting a copy of this book or another etiquette book.

The Outer And Inner Envelopes

Outer Envelope Inner Envelope
Single man Mr. Gerald Thomas Mr. Thomas (or Gerald if you know the person well
Single woman Miss or Ms. Jean Price Miss or Ms. Price
Single person with guest Mr. Gerald Thomas Mr. Thomas and Guest
Miss or Ms. Jean Price Miss or Ms. Price and Guest
Married couple Mr. And Mrs. Gerald Thomas Mr. And Mrs. Thomas
Married couple, different surnames Ms. Jean Price and Mr. Gerald Thomas Ms. Price and Mr. Thomas
Cohabitating couple Miss or Ms. Jean Price

Mr. Gerald Thomas

Miss or Ms. Price

Mr. Thomas

Same sex couple

(in alphabetical order)

Mr. Joseph Albertson

Mr. Timothy Zane


Ms. Elizabeth Austen

Ms. Margot Zento

Mr. Albertson

Mr. Zane


Ms. Austen

Ms. Zento

Family with children under 18

(in descending age order)

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Thomas Mr and Mrs. Thomas

Lucy, Charles and Mimi

Same sex children 18+ at home (eldest first) The Misses Thomas The Misses Thomas


Miss Anna Thomas

Miss Beth Thomas

The Messrs. Thomas The Messrs. Thomas


Mr. Alexander Thomas

Mr. Michael Thomas

Different sex children 18+ at home Miss Mallory Thomas

Mr. Andrew Thomas

Miss Thomas

Mr. Thomas

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 5): Ink and Printing

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 5): Ink and Printing

Part 5 of the Wedding Invitations 101 series concentrates on the types of ink and printing style that are offered through our Birchcraft and Carlson Craft wedding invitation lines.

hot pink ink wedding invitaiton

Both brands offer a rainbow of color inks for you to choose.  Birchcraft prints with soy based inks, except for metallic colors, for all of their wedding invitations.  So going green is as easy as placing your order.

thermography wedding invitation

Most of the wedding invitations from Carlson Craft and Birchcraft are printed using thermography.  Thermography is a printing style where a resin powder is added to wet ink and then heated to create a raised finish.  This process is less expensive then using embossing to print your invitations.  The finished product looks beautiful and has a raised feel.

If you would like more information on printing processes check out Wedding Invitations 101 Part 3 (Printing Processes).  This article goes further in depth into the multiple printing processes used by both Birchcraft and Carlson Craft.  I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 4): Paper

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 4): Paper

In this article, we will discuss the different types of paper used to make wedding invitations.  Paper is one of the most important parts of your wedding invitation.  So quality paper is very important.  Always, get samples of the invitations you are interested in before buying a larger quantity.

There are many types of paper that can be used for invitations.  One of the most popular is recycled or post consumer paper. When purchasing this type of wedding invitation, check out how much of the paper is recycled.  There will be a percentage given.  The greater the percentage the more post consumer paper that was used to make the invitation.  Some invitations can be made completely (100%) from post consumer paper.  Also, the paper mill may use renewable energy and properly managed forests in the processing of their paper.  This type of paper is a great way to put some eco chic into your wedding day.  There can be some disadvantages to using post consumer paper.  There can be some natural flecking but I think this adds to the charm of the invitation.

post consumer paper wedding invitation

Translucent paper is often used as an embellishment for wedding invitations but sometimes it is printed on as an overlay.  This type of paper is lighter weight allowing it to be somewhat see through.  When translucent paper is printed on the ink color needs to be dark for the best results.  Lighter ink colors like silver, yellow, or white just fade into the back ground.

translucent wedding invitation

Ultra heavy paper can be found as the pocket your invitation tucks into.  This paper can be any color and is of greater weight than your invitation.

ultra heavy pocket wedding invitation

Shimmer paper has a shinny sheen that can be seen in the light.  Usually, shimmer paper has a metallic coloration or off white.

shimmer paper wedding invitation

Textured paper has a bumpy feel.  Often, this type of paper is used for embellishment of your wedding invitation.  In this case it is the wrap around the card invitation.

textured paper wedding invitation

Linen paper is high-quality paper made of linen fibers or with a linen finish (1).  It is often white but can accept colorful designs printed on it.

linen paper wedding invitation

I hope this post has been helpful to you.  If you are interested in other wedding invitation topics or have a question.  Please post a comment below or send me an email.  Look for my next part of this series on inks used in printing.


Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 3): Printing Process

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 3): Printing Process

The third part of my Wedding Invitations 101 will focus on various printing processes used to make invitations.  If you are interested in examples of these printing processes, a sample invitation can be ordered.  Many of the different processes are not easily distinguishable by picture but by feel.  So I encourage you to check out several different types before you decide.  Samples can be ordered by clicking on each image and then clicking on “request sample” at the top of the webpage.   Please post any questions or comments below.

letterpress black and white wedding invitation

This style of printing uses a reversed raised surface that is inked and then pressed to paper.   The result is a right reading image.


thermograpy printed wedding invitation

This type of printing is created by adding a resin powder to wet ink, which when heated, creates a raised surface.

Glaze Printing

glaze printing wedding invitation

A coating is added to create a sheen and texture in the printing process.

Foil Stamping

foil stamped wedding invitaiton

This effect is achieved when colored foil is hot-stamped onto paper or accessory items, such as napkins.

Thank you to Carlson Craft for their assistance in explaining some of their printing processes.  Thank you also to Wikipedia for their explanation of the process for Letterpress invitations.  If you are interested in a more technical explanation of this process click here.

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 2): Folding Styles

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 2): Folding Styles

This wedding invitation article will help you get familiar with how invitations fold.  As you have seen from our website, there are hundreds of different invitation styles.  I hope this article helps you to make the right choice in wedding stationary.  As always. feel free to contact me with your questions and comments.

How do wedding invitations get folded?

Wedding invitations can be folded in many different ways.  The type of fold is often a part of their design.  Here are some glossary terms from Carlson Craft with examples of each style.  For more glossary terms visit


Invitation cards do not fold, your wording is printed on the front.

card style invitation


Invitation folders are folded once, either to create a top or side fold. Your wording is printed on the front.

folder wedding invitation


A sheet of paper folded twice to create a four-paneled invitation is considered French-folded. This fold is most common with parchment invitations.

french fold wedding invitation


A short-fold is created when a sheet of paper is folded once, not exactly in half, forming an invitation with a short front panel and longer back panel.

short fold wedding invitation

Tri-Fold (Gate-Fold)

A tri-fold is created when a sheet of paper is folded twice to form a three-paneled invitation. Both outside panels are folded inward to cover the center panel.

gate fold wedding invitation


A z-fold is created when a sheet of paper is folded twice in accordion fashion to form a three-paneled invitation.

z fold wedding invitation

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 1): Introduction

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 1): Introduction

For those of you who have an upcoming wedding and are shopping for your wedding stationary, you may be a little confused.  Here is my first article in a series on Wedding Invitations 101.

When you are looking for a wedding invitation, no matter whether its DIY or printed for you, look at the paper.  Most stationers have samples either in the store or you can order a sample.  Take the time to really get the feel of the card stock your stationer is offering.  Its worth the time and investment to do so.

Quality card stock is an important part of selecting your wedding invitation.  No matter the color of your card stock it should have a heavy feel to it.  So before buying a DIY invitation set.  See if you can see and feel the paper before buying it.  It will be easy to tell if your wedding invitation is DIY, if the card stock is not of a high quality.

At Lunar Ink, we have samples available for both of our invitations brands Carlson Craft and Birchcraft.  To order a sample, click on the appropriate button for the type of invitation you are interested in.

If your heart is set on making your own wedding invitations, we have many DIY kits starting at $29.99 that can help you.  The paper is the same as our regular wedding invitations, you just provide the printer and the assembly.  We also have many options that are budget friendly as well.  Our Carlson Craft Simply Sensible Wedding InvitationsBudget Packages, and Value with Style Invitations, will meet your needs.

With our Simply Sensible lines of invitations, you can order wedding invitations as low as $36.90 for 100 invitations.  These budget friendly invitations come in multiple styles, colors and price ranges.  There is something for everyone.  So good luck and best wishes to all of you and we hope you enjoy shopping with us!

Stay tuned for my next article “Wedding Invitations 101 part 2” on invitation folding styles and thermography.

Linked at the heart wedding theme

Linked at the heart wedding theme

linked heartsGet inspired by the romance of two linked hearts!  This contemporary wedding theme celebrates the joining of two hearts.  Select from one of our many wedding accessories featuring this sweet design.

linked at the heart cake top

Linked at the Heart Cake Top

Acrylic cake top with entwined hearts design measures 4″ x 4″. Personalization options include; first names and event date engraved in the lettering style of your choice. $19.90 each and can be personalized for $6 more.

linked heart toasting flutes

Linked Heart Flutes

Glass flutes with linked silver hearts stand 8 3/4″ tall and hold up to 6 ounces. Personalization options include: names and event date or single initial in the engraving lettering style of your choice. Sold in a set of two for $27.90. Personalization costs $12 more.

linked hearts favor box

Linked at the Heart White Favor Boxes

White favor boxes with entwined hearts design in foil measure 2″ x 2″ x 2″. Personalization can be done in foil imprint only and include; your choice of a single initial, names and event date or design, names and/or event date. Sold in packages of 25 for $15.90 or they can be personalized for $30.90 for 25.

claret linked heart ceremony set white ceremony set

With All My Heart Collection

With All My Heart Collection is a satin, collection that features satin ribbon accents and silver-plated, rhinestone heart brooches.  Whether you choose the vibrant claret red or traditional white collection, you will certainly be please with these keepsakes from your wedding day.

All My Heart Claret Basket measures 8″ tall, petals are not included.  $35.90 each

All My Heart Claret Guest Book measures 7 1/2″ x 5 3/4″ and records up to 600 signatures. Not available personalized.  $35.90 each

All My Heart Claret Pen Holder Pen base measures 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″. Silver-tone pen writes in black ink.  $27.90 each

All My Heart Claret Ring Pillow measures 8″ x 8″.$35.90 each

All My Heart White Ring Pillow measures 8″ x 8″.  $35.90 each

All My Heart White Basket measures 8″ tall, petals are not included.  $35.90 each

All My Heart White Guest Book measures 7 1/2″ x 5 3/4″ and records up to 800 signatures. Not available personalized.  $35.90 each

All My Heart White Pen Holder Pen base measures 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″. Silver-tone pen writes in black ink.  $27.90 each

Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist

Welcome to!  I’m Samantha the chief editor for Lunar Ink.  For those of you who recently got engaged, here is a checklist to help you plan for your wedding ceremony and reception.  Click here to see a PDF wedding timeline checklist from Carlson Craft.  Remember to order your wedding invitations and accessories from us 4-6 months before your date.

Make sure you have everything you need for your wedding day.  Here is a helpful checklist to help you plan.  Click here for a PDF of Carlson Craft’s wedding checklist.

To help you get inspired here are some of the great stationary, accessories, and gifts we offer.   Congratulations and Best Wishes!

white pocket wedding invitation cherry blossom wedding invitation pink menu card love knot cake server love seals

Bachelorette Party Accessories

Bachelorette Party Accessories

Get ready for your bachelorette party or bridal shower with these fun acessories!

Sashes:  These fun sashes have a border of black grosgrain ribbon.  Both sashes are 4″ x 35″ in size and stay securely in place with either Velcro™  or adhesive tabs.  Each sash is priced at $18.90.  Click on an image to order.

bachelorette party sash bride-to-be sash

Invitations:  Choose one of these chic party invitations to tell your girls where the party will be.  Click on an image to order.

bachelorette party invitation bachelorette party invitation

sage bachelorette party invitation wedding gown invitation

Favor boxes: Treat your guests to some goodies or add flower seeds to these favor boxes.  this is a simple way to thank your guests for coming to your party.  Many of these boxes can be personalized to say “Thank You” or feature your name and date.  To see details or order click on an image.

wedding gown and tux favor boxes recycled paper favor box

Favor Cones favor jars

Party Game Gifts:  Don’t forget to pick up some shower or party game winner gifts.  Check out these cool rewards.  Your party goers will thank you!

bangle charm braceletpink stationary

silver and rhinestone compact game memo pads

News – Birchcraft Invitations on

News – Birchcraft Invitations on

Hi, this is Samantha the chief editor for Wedding Planning.  I want to let you know that we will soon be offering Birchcraft Wedding Invitations and Accessories on  This is exciting news for brides and grooms everywhere because it means there are more wedding invitations and accessories available to choose from on our site.

Watercolor flower wedding invitation
Birchcraft wedding invitation S 836
pearl embossed wedding invitation
Birchcraft wedding invitation V4414

Birchcraft is a third generation owned and run company that is committed to producing quality and elegance in every wedding invitation design.  Beautiful, high quality papers, multiple typesets and ink colors combine to personalize your wedding invitations.  Free unprinted samples are offered for you to see and feel the quality of each wedding invitation.

hot pink daisy wedding invitation
Birchcraft wedding invitation S 320
Birchcraft wedding invitation S 261
Birchcraft wedding invitation S 261

So checkout our newest line of wedding invitations and accessories.  Order up to 3 free samples and see why I am so excited about our newest line of wedding invitations.  I know that you will believe this is a Bridal Must Have too!

February 2010 Ohio Bridal Shows

February 2010 Ohio Bridal Shows

Did you just get engaged over Valentine’s Day?  Or did you miss the January 2010 Bridal Shows?  If so, check out these shows in February, March, and April.  There’s one near you, where ever you live in Ohio.

The Great Lakes Mall Bridal Show will  be held on February 06, 2010 from 10.00AM – 9.00PM.  A fashion show is planned for 2PM on both Saturday and Sunday.  There is no cost for parking or admission.

On February 20, 2010 from 10:00 AM-9:00PM, the Summit Mall will host the Summit Mall Bridal Show.  A fashion show is planned for 2:00PM on both days of the show.  There is no charge for admission or parking.

The Winter Bridal Extravaganza is on February 21, 2010 from 12.00PM – 5.00PM at The Makoy Center.  Product demos, prize and grand prize giveaways, food tasting and entertainment await you.  A fashion show is also planned.

On February 28, 2010, the Battelle Hall Bridal Expo will begin at  11AM and conclude at 4PM.  Battelle Hall at the Columbus Convention Center will host this event.  Admission is $8 and $2 off coupons are available by clicking here.  The Trumpington Bridal show will take place in the newly renovated Battelle Grand Ballroom at 12:30PM and 2:30PM.  Hundreds of dollars in gifts and door prizes will be given away including a free cruise.

The Cincinnati Premier Bridal Expo will be hosted at the Manor House Banquet Center on March 7, 2010, from 11AM-4PM.  Admission is $8 per person and a coupon for $2 off is available by clickinghere.  David’s Bridal and MWTux are sponsoring a bridal show at 12:30PM and 2:30PM.  Gifts, door prizes and a free cruise will be given away.

The Dayton Marriott Bridal Expo will be held on April 18, 2010 from  11AM-4PM at the Dayton Marriott Hotel. Admission is $8 and a coupon for $2 off admission is available by clicking here.  A Linda’s Bridal & Formal attire show will take place at 12:30PM and 2:30PM.  A free cruise, door prizes and gifts will be given away.

January 2010 Ohio Bridal Shows

January 2010 Ohio Bridal Shows

If you are in need of inspiration for your wedding check out one of these Ohio Bridal shows.

The first show is The Dayton Bridal Spectacular on January 9th and 10th from 11AM-4PM located at the Dayton Convention Center.  Admission is $8 but coupons for $2 off are available by clicking here.  Fashion shows featuring attire from David’s Bridal and MWTux are at 12:30PM and 2:30PM. Gifts and door prizes including a cruise are also being offered.

On January 17, 2010,  the NWAP Southern Ohio Wedding Trade Show will be held from 12.00pm – 5.00pm at the Jackson Area YMCA.  Entertainment, prizes and a grand prize will be offered.

The Winter Bridal Gala in Springfield hosted at the Courtyard Hotel by Marriott will be held on January 17, 2010 from 12.00PM – 5.00PM. Parking will be free and over 30 door prizes are being given away.

The Dayton Bridal Connection Catering Cookoff! will be held on January 24, 2010 from 2.00pm – 5.00pm.  The Catering Cookoff is a competition for the best overall and best displayed appetizers.  Your vote counts because if your favorite vendor wins so will you.  Enjoy live music, entertainment, and dove releases.  Admission is free.

The Winter Bridal Gala in Dublin will be hosted by the Crowne Plaza Hotel on January 24, 2010 from 12.00PM – 5.00PM.  Door Prizes and a grand prize will be offered along with product demos, food samples and a fashion show.

The Westfield SouthPark Mall Bridal Show will be held on January 30, 2010 from 10.00am – 9.00pm.  A Fashion show will take place at 2:00PM Saturday and Sunday.  Admission is free.

The Columbus Premiere Bridal Expo at the Aladdin Shrine Center is the next bridal show.  This show is on January 31 from  11AM-4PM.  Admission is $8 and $2 off coupons are available by clicking here.  An Alan Ray Bridal Attire show will take place at 12:30PM and 2:30 PM.  Door prizes and gifts will be given away including a free cruise.