Wishing For White Wedding Invitations?

Wishing For White Wedding Invitations?

Wishing For White Wedding Invitations?  They are a traditional color and will match with any wedding colors or theme you select.  Choose a colored ink or an envelope liner for added interest.  We can also print in any English alphabet foreign language including Spanish and French.

To order invitations, click on the picture of the invitation you want.  To order samples of the named Carlson Craft invitations, click on the picture of the invitation you like and then click “request sample” to the right of the picture.  A small fee is charged for each invitation.  To order up to 3 free samples (US orders only) of the numbered Birchcraft invitations, click here and click on the item number for the invitation you like.

Here are 10 white invites with a modern twist.


A furled edge with pearl gives this bright white invitation card a hand torn feel at an economical price. 5 1/2 x 7 3/4.

$112.43 for 100 wedding invitations.

torn edge S9351 Birchcraft Wedding invitation
S9351 wedding invitations

White Shimmer Pocket

This shimmering, white pocket invitation is perfect for any style wedding. Add  a special seal to secure the pocket for added elegance.  Open: 6 3/8″ x 10 7/8″, Closed: 6 3/8” x 6 3/8.”

$249.90 for 100 pocket wedding invitations.

White Shimmer Pocket Carlson Craft Wedding Invitation
White Shimmer Pocket wedding invitations

Petite White Folder

A traditional single panel is featured on this soft white folder. This ensemble features an informal folder. Stunning in its simplicity, this invitation looks great with a combination of fonts and sizes.  4 3/8″ x 5 7/8″ (Side Fold Invitation).

$68.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Petite White Folder Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Petite White Folder wedding invitations


Stunning pearl edged ribbon is included with this invitation. Your names are featured at the top, while your wedding date is at the bottom of this floral embossed invitation. Like your wedding dress, this invite is a must.  This item is Princess Size: 4 3/4 x 6 1/8.

$187.43 for 100 wedding invitations.

S6437PE Birchcraft wedding invitation
S6437PE wedding invitations

S 840

Celtic pride at it’s best! This bright white invitation card features a stunning border with Celtic Knots in the corners.  Invite your guests for an Irish destination wedding away or in your own home town.  This item is Tiffany Size: 5 1/2 x 7 3/4.

$116.18 for 100 wedding invitations.

S 840 Birchcraft wedding invitation
S 840 wedding invitations

S 402

This lovely invitation has pearl stripes and an intricate pattern. Your names peak through a window on the front.  This elegant invitation is a perfect reflection of your style.  The item is Jumbo Size: 5 1/8 x 7 1/4.

$116.18 for 100 wedding invitations.

S 402 Birchcraft wedding invitation
S 402 wedding invitations


Show your wild side with this adorable invitation. The border is made out of pearl foil zebra print and is great for an elegant zoo wedding.  This item is Tiffany Size: 5 1/2 x 7 3/4.

$116.18 for 100 wedding invitations.

S1218 Birchcraft wedding invitation
S1218 wedding invitations

Classic White Borders

A classic presentation of your wording is printed in the ink color of your choice against a bright white background. Slightly raised borders create an attractive frame on this elegant invitation. 7″ x 7″

$392.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Classic White Borders Letter Press Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Classic White Borders wedding invitations

Translucent Shimmer

This white shimmer wrap invitation features a translucent overlay covering your wedding wording printed below on the invitation wrap. To add an extra touch a white ribbon ties everything together. 7 3/4″ x 5 1/2″

$236.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Translucent Shimmer Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Translucent Shimmer wedding invitation

Be Bold! – Bright White

A bright white, tea length invitation never looked so good! Your choice of two ink colors will make a bold statement to your guests. Pair your two ink colors with a combination lettering style to really show your style! A matching envelope with its own unique features will be the first sign to your guests that something special is about to happen! 4″ x 9 1/4″ (Card Invitation)

$174.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Be Bold! - Bright White Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Be Bold! - Bright White wedding invitation

Top 10 Asian Inspired Wedding Invitations

Top 10 Asian Inspired Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for an American made, Asian inspired wedding invitation?  These 10 invitations are sure to inspire you.  Red, gold, and copper are the dominant colors here.  I loved the patterns and richness I found in these invitations and I am sure you will love them too!


Traditional swirls and flourishes cover this invitation’s wrap with the look of a beautiful henna design. Pearl shimmer wrap with gold flourish pattern, gold-bordered pearl shimmer inside card with wording in format shown.

Folded: 5″ x 8 1/2″

$370.00 for 100 wedding invitations.

Henna wedding invitation
Henna wedding invitation - Carlson Craft


Guests’ eyes will be drawn into the gold mandala on the front of this invitation — and they’ll be entranced by your wedding plans! Red wrap, white inner layer printed with wording in format shown. Gold shimmer paper circle with gold foil embossing, pre-punched with holes for tying with pre-cut, red satin ribbon included.

Folded: 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″

$470.00 for 100 wedding invitations

Mandala Carlson Craft Wedding Invitation
Mandala wedding invitation - Carlson Craft


Rich red and bold gold will give guests a hint of the regal ceremony to come! Red wrap, gold foil pattern, wording printed inside. Tiered gold shimmer response cards, champagne shimmer enclosure cards, pearl shimmer event cards; sold separately. Secure wrap with pre-cut, red satin ribbon included.

Folded: 5″ x 6 5/8″

$295.00 for 100 wedding invitations

Ceremony Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Ceremony wedding invitation Carlson Craft


A sparkling foil paisley design mimics the beauty of rich embroidery. Shimmering red paper, gold foil paisley design on front flap. Wording printed inside in format shown. Pre-cut, red satin ribbon included.

Folded: 5 1/2″ x 7 3/4″

$400.00 for 100 wedding invitations

Embroidery Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Embroidery wedding invitation - Carlson Craft


A bright red wrap of gold swirls and lotus flowers adds beauty and symbolism to this invitation. Shimmering gold folder printed with names and quote on front, wording on both panels inside in format shown. Red wrap secures with cutout tab.

Folded: 4″ x 9 1/4″

$400.00 for 100 wedding invitations

Lotus Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Lotus wedding invitation - Carlson Craft


With an invitation this rich and lovely, guests will know that your wedding will be pure bliss! Shimmering gold folder, names on front, wording inside in format shown.

Folded: 9 1/4″ x 4″

$295.00 for 100 wedding invitations

Bliss Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Bliss wedding invitation - Carlson Craft


Bold red and sparkling gold — a prestigious look to begin your wedding! Large, square card of shimmering red paper, embossed panels and gold foil border.

7 1/4″ x 7 1/4″

$370.00 for 100 wedding invitations

Prestige Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Prestige wedding invitation - Carlson Craft

Paisley – Copper

A stylish paisley print gets elegant with copper foil. The ecru, top-fold features your wording inside. A copper shimmer paper band wraps around the invitation, and ties with pre-cut, autumn spice satin ribbon.  Add red colored ink for extra shine.

5 1/2″ x 7 3/4″

$389.00 for 100 wedding invitations

Paisley - Copper Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Paisley - Copper wedding invitation - Carlson Craft

Copper Pocket

Your invitation is enclosed in a copper wrap featuring a scroll pattern on the inside. An ecru invitation card features a scroll design through the center. Enclosure cards are available to complete this ensemble.

Closed: 7 1/4″ x 5 1/4″, Open: 7 1/4″ x 12 1/2″

$370.00 for 100 wedding invitations

Copper Pocket Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Copper Pocket wedding invitation - Carlson Craft

Precious Metal

You deserve the royal treatment and this golden invitation is just the beginning. Your guests will be dazzled by the gold shimmer stock imprinted with your wedding information in ecru foil. This invitation ensemble features all enclosures as cards. Layout only available as shown.

6 1/4″ x 6 1/4″ (Card)

$240.00 for 100 wedding invitations

Precious Metal Carlson Craft wedding invitation
Precious Metal wedding invitation - Carlson Craft

Top 5 Deckled Edge Wedding Invitations

Top 5 Deckled Edge Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for the newest trend in wedding invitations?  If so, check out these five wedding invitations that feature a deckled edge. A deckled edge is an uneven, feathery edge on a piece of paper. This edge is most commonly found on parchment invitations; however, other papers may also have deckle edges.  So check out these five wedding invitations and click on the name of the invitation for more information, and how to order.

ecru and navy deckle edge wedding invitation

Ecru Deckle on Navy Shimmer

Create a layered invitation with this ecru invitation card with deckled border.  An ecru card is layered on a shimmer, navy backer card. $340.00 for 100 invitations.

gold deckled edge wedding invitation

Deckled in Gold

This ecru invitation with golden deckled edges will announce your wedding beautifully. $184.90 for 100 invitations.

brown deckled edge wedding invitation

Royal Embellishments

Create a layered invitation with this ecru invitation card with deckled border featuring a royal design at the top. Ecru card is layered on a shimmer, mocha backer card. Design cannot be changed or removed and will be printed in the same ink color as your wording. $280.00 for 100 invitations.

ecru deckled edge wedding invitation

On the Edge – Ecru

The shimmery deckled-edge adds flair to your invitation wording, which will be printed in your choice of lettering style on this ecru card. $159.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

hearts and deckled edge wedding invitaion

Joyful Hearts

This bright white, top-fold invitation features two silver die-cut hearts with your names directly below. The silver deckled edge adds to the appeal of this invitation. Choose from several lettering styles and ink colors to add a personal touch to this charming invitation. $162.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Top 10 Black and Red Wedding Invitations

Top 10 Black and Red Wedding Invitations

Are you having a holiday wedding?  Get some inspiration from these 10 red and black wedding invitations.  The elegant black and white invitations really make a statement by incorporating red.  So check these out today!

black and red rose wedding invitation

Twilight Roses

Romance meets mystery with this black, vertical z-fold invitation featuring gold and red foil rose designs. Customize this invitation with the quote of your choice printed on the front top panel and wedding verse printed on the inside.  The cost of 100 invitations is $240.00.

black pocket wedding invitation

Regal Flourishes Black Pocket with Claret Backer

This irresistible pocket invitation delivers a complete package to your guests. By adding enclosure cards, your wedding day information will be assembled perfectly. The price of 100 invitations is $380.00.

Regal Flourishes also comes with a red pocket and black backer.  Click here for more details.

red pocket wedding invitation

black wedding invitation

Tied Together Forever

Tie the knot with this cute, tea length wedding invitation. A red paper accent with a black knotted bow creates a contemporary and elegant look.  100 invitations cost $289.80.

filigree border wedding invitation

French Country

This shimmer invitation card features a traditional touch with a black French country border. Add a red ribbon bow and this invitation will sizzle. The cost of 100 invitations is $159.90.

white and black tea length wedding invitation

Black Floral Borders

A white tea-length invitation card features a classic black border design that showcases your wording. To dress up the invitation choose an 18″ pre-cut ribbon in the color claret (red).  Other ribbon color choices are available.  The price of 100 wedding invitations is $156.90.

die cut wedding invitation

Cut-Out Elegance

This ecru tiffany invitation card is held by a black pocket featuring a detailed laser cut-out in the lower left corner. Add a red lined inner envelope to give this elegant wedding invitation an instant wow!  $395.00 for 100.

exotic black and white wedding invitation

Moroccan Design

Your invitation is enclosed in a black pocket featuring a morroccan design and a stripe in white. A bright white invitation card features the same morroccan design that will change with you choice of ink color. Choose a deep red ink for an exotic flair. 100 invitations cost $360.00.

red floral wrap wedding invitation

Regal Red

Change the world and go green with this red wrap featuring a blind embossed regal design. The soft white insert card and matching enclosures feature a matching regal design and are made of 30% post-consumer fibers.  The price of 100 invitations is $245.90.

simple black border wedding invitation

Bordered in Black

This bright white card features a simple, thick black border that makes your invitation really stand out! Place a red bow at the top of this wedding invitation for added charm.  The price of 100 invitations is $167.90.

red wrap wedding invitation

Wrapped in Flowers

A pretty floral design embellishes the red wrap around this invitation. The square invitation card is the perfect place for your wording in black ink. $285.00 for 100 invitations.

DIY ribbon

Wide Satin Ribbons

Are you looking for ribbon, these 5/8″ satin ribbons are the pefect finishing touch to your invitations. Each 100 yard roll will provide approximately 180 20″ ribbons or 160 22″ ribbons.

Did you find an invitation you want?  To order or order a sample, click on the name of the invitation.  I hope you found some inspiration for your wedding day.  Best Wishes!

Zebra Striped Wedding Invitations

Zebra Striped Wedding Invitations

Go wild for these zebra striped wedding invitations.  These invitations are great for a wedding at a zoo or a destination wedding.  Check them out below.


black and white striped wedding invitation

Show your wild side with this adorable invitation. The border is made out of black foil zebra print.  $134.93 for 100.


white zebra stripe wedding invitation

Show your wild side with this adorable invitation. The border is made out of pearl foil zebra print. $134.93 for 100.

Birchcraft S1999 Fall Wedding Invitations

Birchcraft S1999 Fall Wedding Invitations

Birchcraft S1999 Wedding Invitations

This square, gate-fold wedding invitation is embossed with an elegant floral design. A satin ribbon ties this invitation together. For upcoming fall weddings, the satin ribbon comes in multiple colors to coordinate with your wedding. Ribbon colors include: burgundy, purple, gold, mocha, and claret red.  Other ribbon colors are also available.  To view, click here.

Choose from our rainbow of soy based ink colors to make a truly unique invitation. Birchcraft’s soy based inks are an eco-friendly way to invite your guests to your wedding. Our price, $202.43 for 100, reflects our 25% discount. For more info on a specific invitation or to order, click on the individual pic.

5 Chocolate Brown Wedding Invitations

5 Chocolate Brown Wedding Invitations

The newest wedding color combination to make a splash is chocolate brown and vibrant purple.  Let your imagination soar with these 5 favorite chocolate brown wedding invitations and your choice of ink colors including purple.  Check out these invitations out today!


Your guests will feel the calming beauty of nature when they recieve this lovely invitation. The nature-inspired design adds to the elegance of this ensemble. $198.00 for 100 wedding invitations.

chocolate floral wedding invitation
Naturally Wedding Invitations

Shimmer on Mocha

This elegant mocha and ecru invitation features a mocha base card with a regal design. An ecru wrap features your wording in the ink and lettering style of your choice and ties to the base card with a mocha ribbon.  $519.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Letterpress chocolate wedding invitation
Shimmer on Mocha Wedding Invitations

Extravagant Espresso

Show off to your guests with this extravagant wrapped invitation! An espresso wrap with a round cut-out highlights an elegant ecru invitation.  $279.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Extravagant Espresso Wedding Invitation

Romantic Leaves

This top-fold mocha invitation wrap with an ecru card invitation is perfect for an autumn wedding. A laser-cut of leaves and delicate swirls grace the cover. $274.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

Brown leaf wedding invitation
Romantic Leaves Wedding Invitations

Espresso Flourish

This soft white insert card is printd on paper that is Green Seal Certified, made with 100% post-consumer fibers and created without the use of chlorine compounds. This item’s paper manufacturer uses a significant amount of renewable energy resources and responsible forest management practices. The mocha wrap features a flourish design.  $245.90 for 100 wedding invitations.

elegant chocolate wedding invitation
Espresso Flourish Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 2): Folding Styles

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 2): Folding Styles

This wedding invitation article will help you get familiar with how invitations fold.  As you have seen from our website, there are hundreds of different invitation styles.  I hope this article helps you to make the right choice in wedding stationary.  As always. feel free to contact me with your questions and comments.

How do wedding invitations get folded?

Wedding invitations can be folded in many different ways.  The type of fold is often a part of their design.  Here are some glossary terms from Carlson Craft with examples of each style.  For more glossary terms visit http://lunarink.cceasy.com/CCFAQ.cfm#glossary


Invitation cards do not fold, your wording is printed on the front.

card style invitation


Invitation folders are folded once, either to create a top or side fold. Your wording is printed on the front.

folder wedding invitation


A sheet of paper folded twice to create a four-paneled invitation is considered French-folded. This fold is most common with parchment invitations.

french fold wedding invitation


A short-fold is created when a sheet of paper is folded once, not exactly in half, forming an invitation with a short front panel and longer back panel.

short fold wedding invitation

Tri-Fold (Gate-Fold)

A tri-fold is created when a sheet of paper is folded twice to form a three-paneled invitation. Both outside panels are folded inward to cover the center panel.

gate fold wedding invitation


A z-fold is created when a sheet of paper is folded twice in accordion fashion to form a three-paneled invitation.

z fold wedding invitation

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 1): Introduction

Wedding Invitation FAQ (Part 1): Introduction

For those of you who have an upcoming wedding and are shopping for your wedding stationary, you may be a little confused.  Here is my first article in a series on Wedding Invitations 101.

When you are looking for a wedding invitation, no matter whether its DIY or printed for you, look at the paper.  Most stationers have samples either in the store or you can order a sample.  Take the time to really get the feel of the card stock your stationer is offering.  Its worth the time and investment to do so.

Quality card stock is an important part of selecting your wedding invitation.  No matter the color of your card stock it should have a heavy feel to it.  So before buying a DIY invitation set.  See if you can see and feel the paper before buying it.  It will be easy to tell if your wedding invitation is DIY, if the card stock is not of a high quality.

At Lunar Ink, we have samples available for both of our invitations brands Carlson Craft and Birchcraft.  To order a sample, click on the appropriate button for the type of invitation you are interested in.

If your heart is set on making your own wedding invitations, we have many DIY kits starting at $29.99 that can help you.  The paper is the same as our regular wedding invitations, you just provide the printer and the assembly.  We also have many options that are budget friendly as well.  Our Carlson Craft Simply Sensible Wedding InvitationsBudget Packages, and Value with Style Invitations, will meet your needs.

With our Simply Sensible lines of invitations, you can order wedding invitations as low as $36.90 for 100 invitations.  These budget friendly invitations come in multiple styles, colors and price ranges.  There is something for everyone.  So good luck and best wishes to all of you and we hope you enjoy shopping with us!

Stay tuned for my next article “Wedding Invitations 101 part 2” on invitation folding styles and thermography.