Wedding Invitation Printing Terms Glossary

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms Glossary

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms

Are you lost amongst the Wedding Invitation Printing Terms? Here are the explanations you need!  This short glossary will help you find your wedding invitation.  You will learn about printing techniques and see examples.  At the end, you will understand the Wedding Invitation Printing Terms used in product descriptions.

white embossed wedding invitation, wedding invitation term, bling embossing, what is blind embossing?
Blind embossing is used to print in the filigree design.


Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Blind Embossing

Blind Embossing is when an image is pressed into paper.  The resulting design is raised.  This embossing style is termed “blind” because no ink or foil highlights the design.

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Wedding initiation term, What is Debossing?, Romantic thank you note, romantic thank you card
A swirl and star design is debossed on this thank you note.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Debossing

Debossing is when an image is pressed into paper.  The image appears pressed into the paper.  No ink or foil is used to highlight this design either.

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Infinite Beauty - Invitation
The wedding invitation’s wrap has a beautiful die cut design.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Die-Cutting

Die-Cutting uses sharp metal rules to cut out shapes from paper.  Die cutting can be a design or wording.  The end result should be the removal of paper using a metal die.

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wedding invitation term, embossed wedding invitation,
The silver ink on the vines defines the embossed area.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Embossing

Embossing uses ink or foil on the raised area to highlight the design.  This is similar to blind embossing.

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engraved wedding invitation, wedding invitation term, engraving, what is engraving?
The wording is engraved on this simple wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Engraving

Engraving is a printing process  involving a metal die.  The lettering is cut below the surface of a metal die. The die is inked and wiped clean.   Ink is only left in the impression  of the die. Next, paper is then laid on the die.  The press forces the paper into the impression and the ink is transferred to the paper. When you view the back of the paper you will see a “bruise.”

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engraved drinking jar, engraved mason jar with handle, personalized mason jars
These drinking jars have been etched with a monogram.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Etching

Etching is cutting into a glass surface.  This can be performed mechanically or chemically.  The result is a change to the surface of the glass.  You can both see and feel this change.

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geometric wedding invitation, What is foil stamping?, gold foil wedding invitation., not too girly wedding invitation
The angled stripes and wording are foil stamped on this wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Foil Stamping

Foil stamping involves using heat to stamp a special foil onto paper.  This process can be used for designs , wording , or both.  Items like wedding invitations, Christmas cards or napkins can be foil stamped.

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What does a pearlized wedding invitation look like?, What is pearlizing?, Wedding Invitation Printing Terms
The lacy swirls on this wedding invitation are pearlized.

Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Pearlizing

Pearlizing is the process that applies luminous pearl-like finish to an invitation.  The pearl finish is usually clear unlike foil.   Many times is will highlight an embossed design.

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Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Thermography

Thermography is a type of printing that uses wet ink.  A  resin powder is added to the wet ink.  Then heat is applied to create a raised surface.  This process can be used  for wording and designs.  The raised ink is difficult to view on a screen. Order a sample invitation to see and feel thermography.

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Wedding Invitation Printing Terms: Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is a process where images are set into a printing press and inked.  Paper is placed on the inked areas.  Next, pressure is applied to the paper.  The inked images are now printed.  The images are seen by the ink on top of the depressed design.

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These are all of the Wedding Invitation Printing Terms used to create products at  If you have a question about any of the terms, please comment below.  For more information on the invitations shown, click on their link.  Samples of each item can obtained for a fee.  Always get a sample of the product you wish to order.  You will better understand the Wedding Invitation Printing Terms used to describe it.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist

Welcome to!  I’m Samantha the chief editor for Lunar Ink.  For those of you who recently got engaged, here is a checklist to help you plan for your wedding ceremony and reception.  Click here to see a PDF wedding timeline checklist from Carlson Craft.  Remember to order your wedding invitations and accessories from us 4-6 months before your date.

Make sure you have everything you need for your wedding day.  Here is a helpful checklist to help you plan.  Click here for a PDF of Carlson Craft’s wedding checklist.

To help you get inspired here are some of the great stationary, accessories, and gifts we offer.   Congratulations and Best Wishes!

white pocket wedding invitation cherry blossom wedding invitation pink menu card love knot cake server love seals

Spring Wedding Inspirations

Are you uninspired for your wedding day decor? Or just overloaded with themes and ideas? If you just don’t know where to get it all pulled together, start at the beginning. Before planning your decor, make sure you have all the basics planned. These include:

  • Date
  • Place
  • Time of Day
  • Budget

Once you’ve gotten your basic planning together start to look for a theme that suits both of you. Think about what you enjoy together. Since Spring is just around the corner, get inspired by what this season means to you both. For example do you both love how nature seems to come alive again in a rush of colors? Or are you both excited by all the outdoor activities that are easier to do again like biking, and hiking?

Figure out some of your preferences and then start to infuse your decor with what you enjoy together. Keep some simplicity in your decor by not over selecting colors and styles. Try to keep to 2-3 colors and only 1 theme. Remember the time of day and the place your ceremony and reception will be held and keep your decor appropriate. Above all, stay within your set budget, this will help to eliminate some of the pressures that build up while wedding planning.

If you still can’t find some inspiration, try some of these ideas:

Let nature provide the decor with beautiful flowers and rolling hills. Contrast it with white or ecru colored china, table linens and small glass vases of local flowers. This simple garden ceremony is easy to create and won’t leave you stressed.

Get packed for adventure at a nearby camp site and make a weekend of fun. This can be Green themed or satisfy those who have cabin fever with hiking, sailing or biking. End the weekend with an outdoor wedding framed by tall trees and a celebratory picnic.

Book Review – Wedding Planners That Really Plan.

Book Review – Wedding Planners That Really Plan.


Getting organized is one of the most important steps in planning your wedding. The best way to stay organized is to get a wedding planning book that will help you keep all of your lists and notes together. Easy Wedding Planning Plus by Elizabeth and Alex Lluch will help you to keep everything together and also gives great tips to help you. This book is organized with tabs and has pockets to hold all of the loose lists and notes. Each section gives information on ways to save money, what to look for in each vendor, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls in planning. The budgets and checklists are also helpful along with the section on how to plan your honeymoon. This is the only book you need to plan your day and keep it all together.

Capturing Your Wedding – tips for selecting a videographer

Choosing a videographer for your wedding is one of the hardest parts of wedding planning. The video of your day really shows everything that went into your planning. So its important to find a videographer who can film your day with your view. Here are some tips for finding a videographer:

  • View some of the videographer’s work. There shouldn’t be any jerkiness and the picture and sound quality should be good.
  • Look at their video equipment, is it up to date?
  • Ask for and check references from other weddings. Are these couples satisfied with their videos?
  • Ask how the videographer can personalize your video.
  • See if a wireless microphone is available for the ceremony and for interviewing your guests.
  • Make sure the videographer you interview is the videographer that will be at your ceremony. This should be in your contract.
  • Find out what is offered in each video package.
  • Make sure the videographer understands your ceremony requirements.
  • Above all, you need to like their personality and they must be professional.

Announcing Your Engagement

Now that you’re engaged its time to tell your family and friends. This is the very beginning of your wedding planning. Letting your family and friends know that you and your significant other are engaged can be nerve racking for anyone. Even the closest of families can put some pressure on you when you announce your engagement. So remember to be relaxed and honest with your family. They are your family and will love you and your fiance(e). If you find you do have trouble with your family accepting your decision, find a counselor, church minister or priest that you trust and honestly tell them what is happening. Some fresh perspective that is unbiased is always helpful.

Top 10 Wedding Must Haves

Here are my top 10 must have items for your wedding.

  1.  A good Wedding Planner like Easy Wedding Planning Plus is a must have for organization.
  2. Take a honeymoon.  Even if you do not have the money to go somewhere far away, you can always create that feeling by spending time together and visiting some of the places you haven’t been before.
  3. Get your hair done.  For all of you DIYers, its worth it to have some of the pressure of looking good taken off of you.
  4. Do your nails.  Meaning at the very least, trim and file them.  People will notice if your hands and nails are not looking good.
  5. Get an emergency kit for your wedding.  In my family, we are accident prone and its always a good idea to have stain remover, band-aids and even the odd paper towel.  You never know what you will need.
  6. Have pictures taken of you and all your family together.  Weddings are sometimes like huge reunions and its great to have a picture of everyone together having fun.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes.  I love to make a fashion statement but I don’t like sore feet.  So when I married, I wore beaded thong sandals.  There were both beautiful, comfortable and long lasting; I still wear them in the summer.
  8. Don’t forget to eat and drink water before you say I do.  You do not want to be a fainting bride or groom.  
  9. Wear a beautiful smile on your day.  This is what makes brides radiant and grooms handsome.
  10. Make sure you have your marriage license.  Your officiant will need to complete the license and the best time to do it is right after the ceremony.

Green Wedding Websites

Are you looking for more tips and ideas for your green wedding or honeymoon? Check out the tips and products on these sites.

World Wildlife Fund Weddings and Celebrations Site
This site offers tips for green wedding planning, a gift registry and links to Natural Habitat Adventures a green travel company.

The Green Karat Ecologically Responsible Jewelry
This site offers wedding bands and engagement rings from ecologically responsible sources. They use recycled old jewelry and can custom design jewelry. This is a great source for something old and something new.

Great Green Wedding
This site offers great tips, a blog with vendor tips and much more!

Have you found a great eco friendly website you would like to share? Email me today.

Wedding Books to Get You Started

Wedding Books to Get You Started

So he popped the question and you said “YES!”, but now what? Where do you begin to plan for your big day? Don’t worry, the best way to start planning is to get organized. I selected four popular wedding planning books and broke them down to help you select the right book for you.

The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings
by Carley Roney with JoAnne Gregoli

page0_blog_entry0_1.jpgI found this guidebook to be the most helpful of the books I reviewed. Although it is intended for destination weddings, it can also be helpful to couples planning a wedding closer to home. The book has some great etiquette sections, vendor questions, destination tips and choices to consider in planning a destination wedding. There are also example weddings and fusion ideas that are outlined. There is also a section on destinations that are popular with tips and local custom information.The book organization was the easiest to use. It includes a chapter setup and index along with a timeline on what to plan and where to find the necessary information for each subject. There are also worksheets for budget vendor contact lists, checklists for what to pack, and wedding day timelines.In all, this is a compact book that is easy to pack, is fresh and up to date on wedding trends. I highly recommend this book as a must have.

Jo Gartin’s Weddings: An Inspiring Guide for the Stylish Bride
by Jo Gartin

page0_blog_entry0_2.jpg This book is more of an idea book than an actual guide or planning book. If you are having some difficulty with finding a style that suits both of you, try looking for ideas in this book. A word of warning, I would only choose to incorporate one or two ideas in from this guide. There is an expense, time, and skill factor that you will need to consider in using any of the ideas detailed in this guide. Most brides are usually very busy with wedding plans by the time you are choosing party favors and invitations, and your budget may also be strained. These are things to keep in mind when looking through this book. However, it is very inspiring and there are always ways of adapting any idea to fit your wedding style and budget. For examples of some of my adaptations check out “Feeling Crafty?” in my book review page.I also found the organization was clumsy because of the table of content. If you are quickly trying to find information by the chapter, the contents page may be of no use to you. A better way to search would be through the index, which does have a scheme to help you find anything you are looking for. This also has a resources index with websites that may be helpful. Overall, this is a book with a lot of great ideas and can help you to bring your personality into your wedding.

The Modern Bride Survival Guide
by Lisa Milbrand

page0_blog_entry0_3.jpg I was not impressed with this planning guide. While this book does have tips and tricks for a successful and beautiful event, each section skimps on details. The book also contains some planning worksheets and timelines, but they are located at the back of the book and are not easy to find. The book does have a subscription offer for Modern Bride magazine and also has helpful phrases and vendor vocabulary that will help you to negotiate vendor fees. The book does have a helpful table of contents and standard index.Overall this was a rather run of the mill planning guide and not one that I would pay for either. This is definitely one that is better to borrow from a library and use for additional ideas.

Emily Post’s Wedding Planner, 4e (Emily Post’s Wedding Planner)
by Peggy Post

page0_blog_entry0_4.jpgI was very surprised by this book because when I think of Emily Post I think of antiquated etiquette, but this book is anything but. Since it is an etiquette book, it has a lot of advice on how to properly make announcements but it also offers good advice on how to deal with the stress of planning your wedding. If you are feeling put out by the latest disaster in your planning, this book will help you to get back to reality and deal with whatever is going.While the advice is valuable, this guide also has added value with its vendor questions, where to begin planning, and how to handle any situation in planning. Included is a budget planning worksheet, but it is somewhat limited in scope. This was the only book I reviewed that included a section on getting engaged and the events involved with engagement. There are also interesting wedding facts like how traditions were started. This book was also a little weak on incorporating ethnic and differing religious traditions. Overall it is a valuable for its stress eliminating advice and it is one that I would purchase.If you have a wedding planning book that has been of great use to you, tell us what book it is and what helped you the most by emailing me.